NZXT E850 850W Power Supply

PROD LINK: E850 Product Page
PRICE: $149.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – this part of things is not going to be difficult. Voltage regulation was averaging 0.44% in the hot box, which is mythic level, so I can’t deduct points there. The same goes for efficiency, because we got our Gold numbers. And because ripple control was excellent, no deduction there, either. The only thing I can see my way to making a deduction on would be the power on spike testing, where only part of it was smooth and continuous. Half a point off for that. Let’s toss out a 9.5 and move on to the next category.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – software control is going to help this area a lot, because otherwise we really didn’t get very many goodies inside the box. No zip ties, no case stickers, no hoopties, no marshmallows, and no dinosaurs. I am disappoint, but not enough to deduct points over these. Documentation was fine, and cabling was fine. Except for the in cable capacitors, which will get half a point taken away. Other than that, we’re good here. 9.5.

Value (20% of the final score) – at $149.99 at NewEgg, this unit can thank the software for the fact that it’s not going to get a terrible score, here. Why? Because the unit is $20 more money than the Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum 850W. Thermaltake has a cheaper unit that includes RGB fannage. The EVGA G2 unit is considerably cheaper, but doesn’t have software and is larger physically. The Seasonic Prime Ultra Gold and AirTouch are dead even with this unit in price. But it’s not all bad news… the Corsair RMi, the more direct competition, is more money. HXi? More money. Prime Platinum or Titanium? More money. I’m not finding this unit to be a real barn burner here, but it’s not too bad either. 7.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – absolutely flawless, thanks to that Seasonic factory build quality. 10.

NZXT E850 850W – Scoring
Performance 9.5
Functionality 9.5
Value 7
Build Quality 10
Total Score 9.1


Our first unit from NZXT in quite a while is quite the little performer. It takes mythic level voltage stability, excellent ripple control, and awesome build quality; and throws software functionality on top of that. I’m not in love with the price right now, but everything else pretty much hits it out of the park.


  • mythic level voltage regulation
  • software functionality
  • excellent ripple control
  • high low load efficiency
  • long warranty
  • awesome build quality

The BAD:

  • I have a mashup of Springsteen, Prince, and Q-Tip stuck in my head right now… no, you don’t want to hear it


  • price

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