Zalman Acrux 850W Power Supply

PRODUCT: Zalman Acrux 850W
PROD LINK: Acrux 850W Product Page
PRICE: €137.58 @ Datacomp
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – let’s close out the review with some scoring. I think it’s safe to say after all of this that Zalman’s latest outing is indeed one of the okay ones. Voltage regulation was the only major weak point of this unit, coming in at 1.97% average in the hot box. Obviously that’s not mythic level, but it’s only two notches down from that so I’ll only pull the one point there. We had no power on spikes during those tests, so no deduction happens there. I will also pull no points for the ripple suppression, even though the unit was getting a bit close to the line on the 12V rail. Finally, we were promised Platinum efficiency and the unit delivered, so it looks like this category’s getting a solid 9.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – I have a couple bones to pick with this part of things, but all minor. I didn’t like the way the ATX cable was ribboned, so I’ll take half a point there, and I’ll do the same thing for the non compatible connector swappability on the modular panel. That’s going to do it for this category, because everything else was decent enough for a unit like this. 9.

Value (20% of the final score) – oh, boy… another one I can’t seem to find in North America. We’ll head over to Datacomp in the Slovakia for this one, where this unit runs €137.58 before VAT. Not a bad price on this side of the pond for something Platinum that’s fully modular. The problem is the competition. Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum? Cheaper. By about thirty Euro. Super Flower Leadex Platinum? Cheaper, but not by quite so much. Corsair HX850? You guessed it, cheaper. To get more expensive, you need to look at the EVGA version of the Leadex, keeping in mind that this part of the world does not get the awesome EVGA prices we do. Heck, the Corsair RMx 1kW is also cheaper. Gold, yes, but a major power boost. Sorry, Zalman the value just isn’t here. I’ll do a 5, and even that may be pushing it.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – no issues here today, Enhance did a fantastic job. All the right parts in all the right places. 10.

Zalman Acrux 850W – Scoring
Performance 9
Functionality 9
Value 5
Build Quality 10
Total Score 8.4


The only thing holding this unit back, in my opinion, is the price. At least, that’s the case in Slovakia. Otherwise, this unit is well performing enough and built well enough to make most of us happy for years. If you’ve got one now, keep it. But if you need something now, maybe see if you can spend less money for better performance first.


  • very good voltage regulation
  • excellent ripple control
  • fully modular
  • 7 year warranty
  • excellent build quality

The BAD:

  • price isn’t too competitive


  • nothing

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