EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G1+ 750W Power Supply

PROD LINK: 750 G1+ Product Page
PRICE: $99.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – this is going to be an easy one to score. Voltage regulation was excellent at 0.84% in the hot box, so a mere half point will come away for being a notch below mythic level. No point deductions will happen for anything else, though. Ripple was under 30mV on all rails, efficiency held itself to Gold when it was supposed to, the power on spike performance was about as good as it gets, and I saw none of the other random oddball stuff I sometimes score against. 9.5.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – I have no complaints here, either. Cabling was good… no capacitors to annoy us, lots of connectors, no bloody 3.5″ floppy style Bergs where we hate them, no excessive ribbons. The manual was fantastic, we had lots of goodies for this market segment… I could go on, but won’t. 10.

Value (20% of the final score) – at NewEgg, where they are currently misquoting me on this unit based on the 850W model review, this unit is going for $99.99. That’s the same price as they have listed on the superior G2 unit, a Thermaltake with RGB fannage, and is four dollars cheaper than Seasonic’s Focus Plus Gold. EVGA isn’t quite all the way there with the value on this particular unit, but performance and feature wise it can at least get most of the way to those other models. It’s a slightly better value than the 850W was, so I’ll do a slightly better score here. 8.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – I found two minor issues worth scoring on this time: soldering and the lack of surge suppression on the line input. Half a point removed for each, and there I will stop. 9.

EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G1+ – Scoring
Performance 9.5
Functionality 10
Value 8
Build Quality 9
Total Score 9.2


We now know that two of the models in the new EVGA G1+ line of units are quite decent performers. I remain a little mystified as to why this company needed yet another new line of units in the market, but they are a solid option indeed if you’re unable to get your hands on the premium stuff due to lack of stock or other reasons. Just last week, I saw this very unit on sale for quite a good bit cheaper than the current NewEgg price, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. Bottom line? Having a few extra options in the marketplace never really hurt anyone and I see no compelling reason you shouldn’t get one of these.


  • excellent average voltage regulation
  • did Platinum efficiency for a time
  • fully modular
  • lots of accessories

The BAD:

  • nothing


  • surprisingly off (for FSP) on soldering quality today
  • pricing isn’t too competitive unless it’s on sale

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