Apexgaming AG-650M 650W Power Supply

SUPPLIED BY: Apexgaming
PRODUCT: Apexgaming AG-650M
PROD LINK: AG-650M Product Page
PRICE: $69.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – and lo, we come to the scoring page once again. This unit was a mixed bag, with some facets performing better than others. Load regulation was merely average at 2.92%. That’s three scoring positions away from mythic level performance, so a point and a half will be deducted there. No deduction will be made for efficiency, because this unit did hit the Gold targets all the way along. No points come off for power on spike suppression, because it did a fantastic job doing away with those. And finally, ripple performance. The worst I saw on my second unit was around 35mV on the 12V, which is just barely enough to get away with no deductions there, either. 8.5.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – I’m taking half a point for the less than functional ribbon treatment on the ATX cable. I prefer traditional sleeving there, even though I do prefer ribbon cables in general. Another half point goes away for documentation, because we only got the most basic hint of anything like an owner’s manual. Otherwise, I don’t have any other major complaints about this part of the scoring page. The unit had enough accessories for its price point, is fully modular, and no cables can be plugged into the wrong holes. 9.

Value (20% of the final score) – $69.99 is what these run for at NewEgg at the moment. Here’s the problem… the rest of the Gold fully modular competition near this price is refurbished. You have to ask yourself why Apex is the only company offering new what the good brands can only do as a refurb. Yes, EVGA’s G3 unit is currently on sale at the same price and is by far the better unit, but that’s not going to last forever, and before too long the this thing will be sitting there dirt cheap with no real competition again. When looking at the features and performance of this unit alone, it’s a pretty great value. But if you bring build quality into it too? I cannot do more than a 7.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – I first got into this PSU reviewing game thanks to atrocious Solytech/Deer build quality. I don’t know if my old 250W would have scored a zero here, but it would have been way the heck down there. This unit is vastly improved, but only so far. I found enough solder issues to take away the full soldering point. The fan is a questionable quality sleeve bearing unit, so there goes the fan point. We were promised Japanese capacitors on the box, and only got them on the primary side. The rest of the unit? Bargain basement stuff that will lose it the whole capacitor point. Otherwise, I have no further complaints. The basic design looks ok, and we’re not really lacking anything really essential inside the housing of this thing. 7.

Apexgaming AG-650M – Scoring
Performance 8.5
Functionality 9
Value 7
Build Quality 7
Total Score 8


What we have right here is the best built unit I’ve seen come out of this particular factory. However, there’s enough reason for concern in me that I can’t say I’d ever want to run one of these myself. The fact that the ripple anomaly I saw happened in both units, and one of those units had it spiking right off the charts, makes me want to keep this unit away from any hardware I like. I get that some of you can’t exactly afford a barn burner of a PSU right now, but seriously… if you can get a well built Bronze unit instead of this one, you might be better off. Is it better than my old 250W? Night and day without question. But I reckon I’d like to see even more improvement yet. Am I wrong to see it that way? You folks now have the facts as I see them, you tell me.


  • excellent ripple control under normal circumstances
  • super cheap
  • no power up ripple spikes
  • fully modular

The BAD:

  • soldering needs work
  • ripple anomaly at low loads
  • bargain basement secondary capacitors


  • sleeve bearing fan
  • average voltage regulation

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