PowerSpec PSX-850GFM 850W Power Supply

PRODUCT: PowerSpec PSX-850GFM 850W
PROD LINK: PSX-850GFM @ Micro Center
PRICE: $99.99 @ Micro Center
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – this unit had some good things going for it and some not as good things as well. Efficiency was Gold just like we were promised, so no deductions happen there. Ripple control was excellent at all times though right on the line in the case of the 12V rail, so I won’t score against that either. Voltage regulation was the one weak point – with an average of 2.71% in the hot box, it was the very definition of average blandness. That’s three steps away from mythic level, so this unit will see a 1.5 point deduction there. But things immediately get rosy again when one looks at the power on spike tests, where this unit was absolutely perfect. So, the score for this section comes out to 8.5.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – I can’t remember when another company came in here fresh to the market and threw in so many features. It’s like Micro Center actually wants our money! We have a fanless mode. RGB lighting that can hook up to our mainboards or be manually controlled as desired. Tons of accessories. The only real weak spots I can find in this section would be documentation, modular connector interchangeability, and that ludicrous CPU cable, and I can only pull half a point for each of them. 8.5.

Value (20% of the final score) – these are $99.99 at Micro Center, the only place you can get them (naturally). This puts them squarely into competition with the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand at the same power level for five bucks less. But that one doesn’t do RGB fannage. If you do want the RGB stuff from Thermaltake, it’ll cost you ten dollars more than this unit and you still get no motherboard interface. Corsair? EVGA? Seasonic? Pay more money and give up the colorful fan. On the surface of it, this unit looks like a screaming deal, which is what you want to see from a house brand like this. But… Micro Center competes with other retailers like NewEgg. The EVGA G2 at NewEgg is the same price right now, and there are a few Rosewills at this price as well. But… the RGB stuff saves the day for Micro Center. Because NewEgg’s Thermaltake prices do not beat Micro Center’s, this here PowerSpec actually holds on to its value. No, you’re not getting anywhere near the performance you could with the G2 unit. But it’ll be good enough to last a while, and it’s not like this unit relies on performance alone at this price point. 9.5.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – first up, I have no knowledge of that sleeve bearing fan’s reliability so the fan point is coming off today. If you buy this, I’d run it in semi-fanless mode. The internal parts can handle it, so preserve as much fan life as you can. I’m also removing half a point for Sirfa soldering. There I will stop. This unit should outlast the five year warranty period without problems, otherwise. 8.5.

PowerSpec PSX-850GFM 850W – Scoring
Performance 8.5
Functionality 8.5
Value 9.5
Build Quality 8.5
Total Score 8.7


PowerSpec’s first entry to this here site showed us a few important things. First, they’re serious about getting this market right. They did pick a somewhat lackluster performing platform, but they also got Sirfa to build it well enough to last a while. Second, they added features you have a hard time getting anywhere else, and then they priced it to move. Finally, they one-upped NewEgg and Rosewill at their own game. You do not get Rosewill units as well documented or feature packed as this one is. They just don’t exist. Rosewill units tend to be about as bare bones as you can get to save cost, even with units like the Tokamak 1500W. The downside is this PowerSpec unit can’t perform like many of those units. You cannot offer something this cheap and not compromise somewhere. Even so it’s not like PowerSpec threw performance entirely out the window, either. The only way it suffers is with voltage regulation, and you do not need anywhere near mythic level to have a stable rig.

In the end, this unit is pretty a solid option for the budget conscious humanoid who wants some bling factor to go with it. I can’t say for sure I trust all PowerSpec units just yet after only seeing this one, but they’re off to a good start for sure.


  • excellent ripple suppression
  • very good build quality
  • lots of fan control features
  • lots of accessories
  • five year warranty

The BAD:

  • nothing


  • fan longevity may be a concern, so run it semi-fanless
  • voltage regulation is awesome… for 2001

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