Enermax RevoBron 700W Power Supply

PRODUCT: Enermax RevoBron 700W
PROD LINK: RevoBron Product Page
PRICE: $68.41 @ Amazon
Price is at time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – and so we come to the scoring page. I am considerably more impressed with this unit than the old LEPA MaxBron unit, and worthy of the “Revo” part of the name, though its revolutionary standing tends to lose some luster when one looks at more expensive units. Voltage regulation on this model came in at 1.78% average in the hot box. That’s two steps away from mythic level, so a point will come off. The S&C point is safe today, because this unit had no issues there. Ripple control was excellent though barely so on the 12V side of things, but all the same no points come off there, either. Finally, the efficiency. We had a bit of a tenuous pass for Bronze in the hot box, but it did pass and the low load efficiency on this thing is better than it has any right to be. No deduction there, either. That gives us a very respectable total of 9.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – despite all the extra goodies Enermax sent with this unit, I do have some bones to pick in this area. Documentation is a step down from the likes of Silverstone, so half a point comes off. A further half point comes away for being only semi-modular. A full point will go bye-bye for making the ribboned hardwired cables as busy as possible. But there I will stop. The dust free rotation thing is still questionable, but this unit has it. The CoolerGenie wasn’t expected on this budget model but it has that, too. I’m fairly impressed with what you get on this model, criticisms on the cabling aside. 8.

Value (20% of the final score) – these are $68.41 at Amazon right now. At NewEgg, if they had any of these units, it would compete with the likes of the Rosewill Arc 750W, Apevia Warlock 750W, and Corsair CX750. These are all slightly more expensive, and I haven’t looked at the Apevia to determine if it’s even something I’d buy considering how well the last one I reviewed performed. Below this price, we start finding a lot of stuff that looks really iffy, relying on gimmicks like lighted fans to sell units. This here Enermax is probably about the cheapest I would go at this power level, really. 10.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – I have to remove the full fan point for short warranty, though I expect this unit will outlast the warranty by years. It has the build quality to hold up for a decade or more, otherwise. Well, except for the soldering on my particular sample, which will lose it another half point. 8.5.

Enermax RevoBron 700W – Scoring
Performance 9
Functionality 8
Value 10
Build Quality 8.5
Total Score 8.9


Enermax’ new RevoBron unit happens to be one of the strongest budget offerings I’ve seen in quite some time. Had it not been for little niggling issues with the cabling or soldering on this particular unit, it would have earned itself a cool “recommended” graphic above, and I’m going to go ahead and say that last little tenth of a point in the total score probably shouldn’t be your deal breaker if you need a bargain unit that will hold up for a while. Build quality is good enough that if it lasts for the full three year warranty, it’ll probably last another ten beyond that. Is it perfect? No. But at this price point, you will not find perfection.


  • very good voltage stability
  • really high low load efficiency
  • excellent ripple control
  • low price
  • general build quality
  • extra features and accessories

The BAD:

  • seems a bit uncomfortable with temps over 35 degrees at full go


  • not CWTs best work with the soldering
  • light warranty
  • attached ribbon cabling is a functionality nightmare
  • slightly limiting 12V rail distribution

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