be quiet! Pure Power 10 600W CM Power Supply

SUPPLIED BY: be quiet!
PRODUCT: Pure Power 10 600W CM
PROD LINK: be quiet!’s current offerings.
PRICE: $75.90 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

That would be a sleeve bearing fan, right there. Good for silence, but may not be so good for longevity. While be quiet! is pretty good about putting decent fans in stuff, my methodology is clear – that has to be scored on due to the three-year warranty. Five years, I would have let it go.

The innards of this unit come from good old FSP, a partner of be quiet! for years now.

Two Y capacitors start the line filter, here.

Soldering is pretty well top notch, as is usual for FSP.

You’re pretty much looking at the minor rail output parts here. We have four 060N03Ls and one 040N03L.

More line filtering here. We have three coils, two more Y caps, and two X caps. No MOV/TVS diode, so that will be scored on. Yes, I know some designs don’t need them, with the PFC able to handle surges, but these are cheap parts.

Main switchers are two CEF03N8 parts.

PFC parts include these two JCS18N50FH parts and two diodes. Primary filtering is done by Teapo.

FSP’s proprietary controllers are all over this thing. Here’s a 6600.

This little daughterboard is holding the negative 12V output. Just think how annoyed the engineers must be to keep having to stuff this useless crap inside their designs just because Intel won’t drop that output from the spec.

Two 6601s can be found on this daughterboard. They likely control the 3.3V and 5V outputs.

A sea of Teapo parts filters the secondary side of this unit. Decent enough for this class of unit, but I’ll be getting the red pen out for being tier 2 stuff.

More flawless soldering here.

And finally, we have a few Capxon polymer caps and some disc caps on the modular board.