Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200W Power Supply

SUPPLIED BY: Cooler Master
PRODUCT: MasterWatt Maker 1200W
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MasterWatt Maker 1200W – Overshoot Transient Tests
VSB On VSB to 100%, 12V Off to 100%, 12V
O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot

Enhance is one of the few OEMs to really be able to nail these power on spike tests. But sometimes they don’t quite get there, and this is one of those times. The 12V side of it is perfect, but the standby rail is a mite squiggly. I don’t know if that’s due to the higher than normal capacity, the design of the unit, or the ATX cable but as it stands now we only have half an S&C point right here.

Hot box ahoy! I’ll try for the whole fifty degree rating, but don’t know if we’ll get there today.

MasterWatt Maker 1200W – Hot Load Tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V -12V VSB DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Fan
Progressive Load Tests
1 1.39A 1.39A 8.91A 0.03A 0.31A 121.0W/
118.0 89.6% 0.933 1200 27°C/
3.334V 5.07V 12.05V -11.60V 5.06V
2 2A 2A 18A 0.2A 1A 240.7W/
117.0 93.0% 0.967 1200 28°C/
3.326V 5.05V 12.04V -11.21V 5.00V
3 4.5A 4.5A 46A 0.2A 1.75A 600.3W/
115.9 93.3% 0.984 1200 32°C/
3.294V 5.00V 12.00V -11.63V 4.92V
4 7A 7A 70A 0.2A 2.5A 910.7W/
114.7 91.9% 0.991 2100 37°C/
3.265V 4.97V 11.98V -11.92V 4.84V
5 9A 9A 92A 0.2A 3.5A 1192.1W/
114.4 90.8% 0.993 2730 42°C/
3.238V 4.94V 11.95V -12.00V 4.76V
Crossload Tests
CL1 15A 15A 0A 0.03A 0.31A 125.8W/
117.3 84.4% 0.940 1680 29°C/
3.277V 4.98V 12.06V -11.70V 5.04V
CL2 0A 0A 100A 0.03A 0.31A 1195.9W/
115.0 90.9% 0.994 2730 41°C/
3.284V 5.05V 11.94V -11.99V 5.02V

Yeah. Only got to forty-two. But the unit was fine with that, and that’s a high enough number for us consumers. I’m not unhappy.

Rather, I’m not unhappy with that. I am unhappy with the software, which is now clearly buggy. It no longer had any control over the fan… the unit ran in default fan mode the whole time, as you can see by the behavior above. It was still quieter than last week’s Seasonic, if you can believe it. That said, even buggy software is better than software that won’t run at all. I think I may go easy on CM in scoring over this one.

Once again, the standby rail did that same 6% load regulation number. Bleeh. The negative 12 did 6.58%, but that’s actually in spec for that rail and nobody uses it anymore anyway. On the important rails, the unit decided to try and do better than it did cold and managed to pull it off. This time, we see 2.91%, 2.60%, and 0.83%. That works out to an average of 2.11%, but that’s still not enough to get the unit out of the very good bracket. I appreciate the effort, but good enough to compete it is not.

Titanium is still a pass, though this time out the unit did struggle a bit more.

Let’s look at the software during test five and see how accurate it really was.

MasterWatt Maker 1200W

1226 watts in, 1121 watts out. Wrong and wrong. Actual measurements were 1192.1W and 1313W, leading to a rather sizable difference. And this is at high power, where units with software monitoring usually get more accurate. Corsair and Thermaltake units are much more accurate here.

You’ll note that the standby rail reads 4.9V here. This is because it’s getting that voltage from somewhere inside the housing, and not the pin at the end of the ATX cable. The weird thing though is the discrepancy in the voltages on the minor rails versus my actual measurements. You’d think Enhance would know to pull those readings from the vsense wires, and not the actual 3.3V and 5V outputs.

Now… what have we got for ripple?

MasterWatt Maker 1200W – Oscilloscope
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V
1 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
2 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
3 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
4 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
5 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
CL1 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot
CL2 O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot O-Scope Shot

Oh, come on… Cooler Master, you have to do better than this if you’re attacking the AX1500i. You can’t just leave that to the MIJ unit, because that thing costs way too damn much for most people to buy.

We have 45mV, 45mV, and 50mV today. That’s going to leave a mark in scoring, because not one of those numbers is excellent. In spec, sure, but not excellent.

Let’s take it apart.