EVGA SuperNOVA 650 P2 Power Supply

I’ve got another EVGA unit on the table today, the P2 650 watt model. This is the smallest in the line at present… let’s see if it can hold its own against its big brothers.

PROD LINK: SuperNOVA P2 Product Page
PRICE: $119.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

It’s been quite a year for EVGA here at JonnyGURU.com. By my count, this here 650 watt P2 unit makes the fifteenth unit from this company I’ve looked at this year. Well, sixteenth if you count that extra P2 1600W unit from back in February. It’s safe to say by now that we’ve had a good hard look at the entire gamut of EVGA’s power supply lineup this year, and while some are definitely better than others, they’ve all been pretty decent with very few exceptions.

Today, I’m going to look at the smallest of the newer P2 units. This is it, folks, the lowest capacity model you can get in the P2 line. Let’s see if it’s as impressive as those 1600W units were, shall we?

Like the 850W model I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, this model features all the same marketing with only the 650W specific details changed over. We still have full modularity, switchable semi-fanless operation, Japanese capacitors, full power operation at fifty degrees, a ten-year warranty, and a full suite of protection features.

I can already tell from the box pictures that we are still dealing with Super Flower’s awesome Leadex platform on the insides, so this should be one heck of a well-performing unit. Especially since it’s far easier to get amazing results at 650 watts than it is at 1600 watts.

Opening up the box, we find that these units are still really well protected in shipping with a good deal of foam padding. Ah, silica gel… what review would be complete without it? This one’s being awfully bossy. “Throw away. Do not eat.” Don’t you tell me what to do, silica gel… I’m going to eat this pie, I’m not throwing it away, and you’re going to just sit there and watch. And then I’m throwing you away.

It’s no surprise to me that this unit comes with the same amount of goodies we got with the 850W unit. A power supply in a cloth bag, a user guide, some modular cables, a modular cable bag, a power cord, some velcro cable ties, some screws, and a self-test adapter.

The user guide is the same one we already saw in the 850W review, so I’ll skip taking a closer look at it this time. The same goes for the accessories… we’ve seen that stuff again and again and again from EVGA throughout the year, and it really hasn’t changed.