Corsair RM650i 650W Power Supply

PRODUCT: RM650i 650W
PROD LINK: RM650i Product Page
PRICE: $129.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Performance (40% of the final score) – we’ll start off with voltage regulation. On this unit, it was absolutely top notch and on par with some of the world’s best with an average of just 0.5% in the hot tests. No deductions from a perfect score there. Efficiency was a clear pass for Gold on both sets of tests, so no deduction there either. Finally, ripple suppression. Again, excellent. Since I saw no other issues with performance that I might need to score on, this area’s getting a 10.

Functionality (20% of the final score) – like big brother, this one gets everything right. It’s fully modular. It has no Berg connectors where I hate them. The manual is good. There’s no ribbon cabling on the ATX cable. I cannot think of one single thing to score against, except perhaps the confusion over what this thing is supposed to be rated for temp-wise. But I’ll let that one go, this time. This time. I don’t like guessing operating temps, and I would suggest to Corsair that keeping up to date on the online spec documentation would be prudent. 10.

Value (20% of the final score) – just listed at $129.99 at NewEgg, and not too much cheaper than that elsewhere, this isn’t too cheap of a unit. Which is unfortunate… the EVGA P2 650W, which is actually next on my list of units to review, is ten dollars cheaper and Platinum efficiency. This unit does have some advantage over that one in the Corsair Link functionality, but that only goes so far. And that’s not the only competition, either. FSP is cheaper, and also Platinum. Thermaltake has a Toughpower Grand for $20 less money. Cyonic 650W? EVGA G2? Way cheaper… like $30 less money for each of those. Corsair is darn lucky this thing performs so well and has that Link functionality because without that it would get creamed in the marketplace at this price. As is, I think I gotta do a 7 here.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) – one point off for the tape left stuck to the heatsink, with whatever was attached to it, and that’s all for today. 9.

RM650i 650W – Scoring
Performance 10
Functionality 10
Value 7
Build Quality 9
Total Score 9.2 Recommended


The Corsair RM850i is one of the best units available on the market, so I was looking for more of the same from little brother. And I found more of the same, in terms of performance. This little guy is outstanding when it comes to ripple control, voltage regulation, and efficiency. But all is not as rosy for this unit as big brother. My one major objection is the price… Corsair Link adds cost, and I’m not so sure the expense is worth it at the 650 watt power level. That price needs to come down, but I’m not sure how far it will be able to. The plain Jane RM650 is much cheaper than this unit, and therefore much more competitive. Is Corsair Link worth the extra money? Only you can decide that one.


  • amazing voltage stability
  • fantastic ripple control
  • fully modular
  • Corsair Link enabled
  • super high standby efficiency

The BAD:

  • didn’t come with any bacon


  • some minor quality control blips on the insides
  • somewhat high price

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