Cyonic AU-550X 550W Power Supply

We’re looking at a brand new name in the world of power supplies today: Cyonic. This is a company looking to make a big splash in the market, and to help pull that off they’ve enlisted the help of Seasonic. And we know about Seasonic, don’t we? Come on in and take a look… this should be a good little unit.

PRICE: $89.99 @ NewEgg
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It’s always nice to see a new player to enter the game in the power supply business. Today, we’re looking at a new unit from Cyonic, which is indeed a new name to us here at the site. Going by the moniker “AU-550X,” it looks like this promises to be a decent and quiet power supply.

And it’s one that comes with an army, apparently, known as the “Silence Guard.” I can only imagine that this is an army of ninjas, ready to do my bidding. This army will come in very handy, as I am having to sneak my way all the way down to Indiana where Tazz lives to review this unit. He didn’t have time to work on this review, so I’m stepping in to help out a bit. But I still have to get past the guard pug Izzy, and that’s where I expect the Silence Guard to step in and assist me.

As is the case with most power supplies, Cyonic has chosen to use the packaging to sell us the unit. Five-year warranty? That’s pretty good, still above the industry standard of three years for good units. Fully modular? Even better. Compact? This is also good, especially for a unit as small as 550 watts.

This box panel also brags about numerous protection features, but nothing is mentioned about overtemp protection. It could be we don’t need to worry about that so much. It could be it has overtemp, and we just don’t know it. It could be the unit’s innards have been designed with high temps in mind, too, and it will never need to shut down on us.

Moving on to the other sides of the box, we see a load table right here and a QR code. A scan of said code brings you to the Cyonic website, according to my smartphone.

That’s too bad – I was hoping it was a BTC faucet or something. Power supply reviewing does not pay for teeth fixing, and I think I’m going to need to do that soon. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the soda I can’t stop drinking. Or chocolate I can’t stop eating.

On this side of the box, we find a cable and connector chart. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that there’s every indication of the one Berg connector being off on its own adapter. I hate those things.

In nine languages, we have a list of more features on this part of the box. Features like:

  • it’s an ATX power supply
  • it’s 80 Plus Gold
  • it has APFC, or active power factor correction (though it could also mean “Arthritis Pillows For Chickens”)
  • an FDB fan

Let’s open her up and start unpacking. Dammit – no ninjas. Now how am I supposed to get past Izzy? Oh, wait… she’s a pug. Some baby talking and treat giving should do it.

Whose a good girl? YOUSE a good girl! Yes, you is!

Yep. Worked like a charm.

Let’s see… we have a power supply, a user guide, some cables of the modular persuasion, a power cord, an installation guide, two case stickers, some screws, some zip ties, and some velcro cable ties. The kitchen sink is just out of frame.

We certainly can’t complain about the number of accessories in the box, can we?