Rosewill HIVE 1000W Power Supply

Everything’s coming up Rosewill here at the site again. Today, we’re going to take some time to get to know the HIVE 1000 watt unit, an 80 Plus Bronze model that comes with a single 83A 12V rail and is targeted at the budget crowd. With a rather low price for a unit this size, I’m wondering just how good it can be.

PROD LINK: HIVE 1000W Product Page
PRICE: $109.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Recently, I had a look at a brand new unit from Rosewill, the Photon 750. But that wasn’t the only thing I found in the shipping carton that day, no sir. Also present was today’s review sample, and it’s one the entire Internet has been buzzing about. It’s… wow, the bee puns already got old. That’s a new record.

Folks, I give you the HIVE 1000 watt unit. It’s time to hiveronate.

The HIVE 1000 is another one of Rosewill’s budget targeted units, which is only to be expected from 80 Plus Bronze efficiency and non-full modularity these days. I’m looking forward to testing it, though due to its position in the marketplace am not really expecting a real barn burner. And that’s possibly good because we don’t want to burn down our barns.

The marketing points I’m seeing here are the normal stuff we see on all units. Usually, when you see them bragging about the primary side capacitor being Japanese, it often means it’s the only one. We’ll have to see later. I’m not sure I care for the three-year warranty though… that’s pretty standard in the industry for budget units, but usually, I like a five-year job at this power level. Not that warranties have anything to do with the build quality. Warranties are words on a box, and will not polish a turd for you. They’re meant to make you feel good.

Back when I was still a practicing electronics tech, I offered a 90-day warranty on my repairs. Know how many times I had to make good on that? I can count them on one hand. No, I did not need to use the fingers twice. I never had any repeat business, that’s how good I was. The stuff I fixed stayed that way. But the warranty often made the difference between the customer calling me and that crackpot competitor across town who couldn’t fix toast. Warranties tell customers you stand behind your work, regardless of whether or not you ever actually have to.

Within the box, we find surprisingly little shock protection for the power supply. There’s a foam tray under it and nothing up top. That’s likely the same thing that caused the PCB damage on the Photon unit. Rosewill really should look into adding some more protection, here.

Let’s see… the box contained a power cord, a user guide, a power supply, and a bag of modular cables. That power cord is massive – 14 gauge. Actually, it might even be overkill. But, it’s a most welcome sight after seeing that Thermaltake come in with a line cord barely adequate for the job.

The user guide has the basics in it, but not a lot else. I’ll likely score on that later.