Rosewill PHOTON 750W Power Supply

Rosewill comes to the lab once again bearing a new power supply. Part of the brand new PHOTON line of units, we have a 750 watt unit on hand that boasts 80 Plus Gold efficiency and full modularity at a pretty nice price. Let’s see what it can do.

PRICE: $99.99 @ NewEgg
Price is at the time of testing!

Good day, folks, and welcome to the lovely town of Roswell, New Mexico. It’s a fine day for a review of an alien spacecraft, and I for one am anxious to get going. So let’s delay no longer, and… oh. Rosewill, not Roswell. What am I supposed to do with this probe now? Haha, no. I’m not parking a 90s Ford in my driveway, no matter how many times you ask me to.

Instead, I’m apparently going to review Rosewill’s brand new PHOTON 750 watt unit. This is intended to be more of a budget model with 80 Plus Gold efficiency and what looks to be full modularity. If they can pull this off with some decent performance, it should be a rather strong contender in the marketplace. There’s really only one way to find out how good it is though, and that’s to probe… I mean load test it.

The box is refreshingly minimal on the marketing speak, but we do get a few things to look at. Fully modular and 80 Plus Gold, as the front of the box already told us. Active PFC. Lots of protection features. 135mm fan. Cables. Connectors. Load tables.

Nothing too groundbreaking, in other words.

The box really doesn’t have a lot going on, so I reckon I’ll just take things out of it now.

So far, we have a bag of modular cables, a power supply, and a user guide.

Here’s the user guide now, a somewhat half-hearted affair that attempts to cover the entire PHOTON product range in not many pages and in one language only. I did not find any maximum temp specs in here, as it only covers the basics, I had to go to the site. There’s probably going to be a scoring deduction later.

Say… they call this a PHOTON, right? When I turn it on, does that mean it will glow?

As always, I do like a matte black finish on a power supply.