About Us

The jonnyGURU website came to life in late 1997 as a personal website of HTML help, MIDI and MP3 files, VW Rabbit tuning advice and rants about the customers Jon had faced as lead tech of a fairly large sized computer component eTailer (the now defunct TCWO.)

The site became a “blog” in late 2000, where Jon would talk about some of the new things he saw in the industry. New CPU’s as they came out, the latest in memory, motherboards, etc.

In early 2005, Jon was getting bored with being one of so many others reviewers capable of running a few benchmarks on a CPU and saying, “yep. It’s fast” so he bought a PSU load tester. OK, there’s more to it than that. Something about a CCFL light kit shorting out his power supply… you might want to ask him about it some time. This is when the PSU reviews began and jonnyGURU.com really took off.

Around late 2005, jonnyGURU.com moved to “Blogspot.” But because of the “remote hosting” and limited “control” of the content, less than one year later Jon upgraded his Tera-Byte account and moved everything back to his own server where jonnyGURU.com rested for a few years.

In late 2007, Tazz took over handling the webwork trying to help Jon out. Starting in 2008 when Tazz officially took over the site, he changed out the layout to an updated setup that would speed up the content input process. At the same time OklahomaWolf took over the majority of the PSU testing. The site was also moved to a dedicated server which is hosted by Modders-Inc.com.