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Seasonic X-400 V2 Fanless 400W
Seasonic is not just looking to freshen up their product offerings with only a bunch of new fanned power supplies with 80 Plus Platinum Certifications. They've decided to bring that kind of amazing efficiency and performance to the fanless side of things, too. Today, I'm looking at the 400 watt model in that new line of fanless units, and it promises to be spectacular indeed.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Feb-24-2013)
Cougar PowerX 550W
Cougar comes to us once again with a new power supply. This time, it's the value oriented 80 Plus Bronze certified PowerX series that is represented. We're looking at the little one today, the 550W. Let's see if this kitty growls or whimpers.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Feb-18-2013)
SilverStone ST45SF-G 450W SFX Series Power Supply
When size really does matter, PC enthusiasts only had a few options available back in the day. You either picked up a Pico style PSU or you went with a standard ATX PSU. With ITX/Micro ATX systems becoming more and more common, we are left with a bit of a power gap if you will. The Pico and power brick options only get you so far, then the next logical step is the SFX PSU. Most of the SFX options available are either low wattage or conform to more of a server unit design.
Permalink (By Tazz on Sun, Feb-10-2013)
Seasonic X-650 KM3 650W
Every so often, a power supply arrives in the lab that fills my heart with anticipation and high expectations. Today, we're looking at just one of those units - Seasonic's updated and revised X-650 unit. The design has been freshened up with such things as a switchable semi-fanless mode. Let's see what else has changed.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Feb-04-2013)
Azza Platinum 1000W
We've seen a few 80 Plus Platinum units come out and impress us in the recent past. So far, they've all been pretty well performing. Azza is a newcomer to the field, and they're now coming to me with their own Platinum unit looking to impress. Let's waste no time and find out if Azza is up to the challenge.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Jan-27-2013)
Cougar GX-S 500W
We've got another kitty cat to throw on the load tester today... not a real one, of course. No, today we're taking a peek at Cougar's new GX-S line at five hundred watts. This is a small fry, clocking in at only 140mm deep. Will we get 80 Plus Gold performance from this small a package? There's only one way to find out.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Jan-20-2013)
Rosewill Tachyon 1000W
In the not too distant past, we've seen that Rosewill is now getting pretty serious when it comes to releasing power supplies that are very good indeed. Our latest look at a Rosewill unit will be today, when I dig into the box of this here Tachyon 1kW model. This is an 80 Plus Platinum unit that features a single 83 ampere 12 volt rail. It's time to see what it's all about.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Jan-13-2013)
Silverstone Strider Gold ST55F-G 550W
Not too long ago, I looked at a new unit from Silverstone at the 650 watt level that boasted such things as full modularity in a package only 140mm deep. That unit proved to come up short in terms of efficiency, missing its 80 Plus target in both cold and hot testing. Today, I'll be looking at the 550 watt little brother of that unit. Can it impress us in ways the 650 watt unit couldn't? I can't wait to find out.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sat, Jan-05-2013)
Inwin GreenMe 650W
Not too long ago, I found myself confronted with an Inwin GROne case. Done up in a nice white color scheme, it turned out to be a pretty decent case. Well, something else arrived in that same shipment, one of a new line of Inwin power supplies - the GreenMe 650 watt unit. Let's find out if this nice looking matte white power supply is a good companion to the GROne.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Dec-23-2012)
Seasonic Platinum 660XP 660W
Quick, what's on your Christmas list? I know many of you have power supplies on there, and I know you want a good one. Up until now, Seasonic has been just bringing the awesome when it comes to power supplies that are deserving to be in Santa's sleigh. Today, they're looking to add one more unit to that list of fantastic units, and that's the brand new 80 Plus Platinum SS-660XP. Come inside and take a look.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Dec-16-2012)
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