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BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 550W
We've now seen two of BeQuiet's best in the form of the P11 1200W and 850W units. And while those units came in here and impressed us, this line doesn't stop at 850W. In order to get a full picture of the entire line, we need to go one step further and test the baby of the family... the 550W model. Let's see how it does.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-11-2016)
Sama Forza 800W Titanium
Once in a while, something arrives on my doorstep completely out of the blue from a manufacturer hardly seen before threatening to completely overturn the power supply world. It doesn't happen often, but it's happening today. Folks, I've only ever seen one Sama built unit before, and it was rather unimpressive. Today's FTX-800-2 800W unit, which just so happens to be 80 Plus Titanium, promises to turn my frown upside down. I can't wait to see what this unit can do.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-04-2016)
BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 850W
As March of 2016 draws to a close, we have BeQuiet back in the lab once more looking to impress us with the Dark Power Pro 11 850 watt unit. You may recall the 1200 watt version of this unit turning in some impressive results indeed back in November... it will be interesting to see if the rest of the line can be as impressive.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-28-2016)
Zalman ZM650-EBT 650W
We're taking a look at another unit from Zalman today. After the last one turned up looking rather unremarkable performance wise, Zalman is especially eager to impress us today with the ZM650-EBT 80 Plus Gold unit. Let's find out how it does.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-21-2016)
Silverstone Strider Platinum 550W
Here comes another Silverstone, and once again they're bringing us power in ever smaller packages. Today, they've managed to fit 550 watts at 80 Plus Platinum efficiency into a 140mm deep housing. Will this unit outperform the 750 watt model we recently checked out? I'm looking forward to doing some load testing to find out.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-07-2016)
Rosewill Capstone G750 750W
Let's take another look at Rosewill's new Capstone G series of units today. A little while ago, we tested the 1200 watt model and found it to be a competent and yet unremarkable unit for the budget conscious. Today, we'll find out if the 750 watt model is worth the money. Care to join me?
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Feb-22-2016)
Thermaltake Chaser A71 Full Tower Case
Once in a while, we like to case the joint. Today, I'm looking at a full tower case from Thermaltake; my first ever from that company. Targeted at the gaming crowd and winner of the Red Dot design award back in 2013, this case promises to be a cooling powerhouse, featuring no fewer than three 200mm fans. Let's take a look.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Tue, Feb-09-2016)
EVGA Supernova T2 850W
We started off January with two 80 Plus Titanium units back to back. Let's get February started with Titanium as well as we continue to look at EVGA's new line of units. We'll throw the 850 watt model at the load testers today. Come on in... this should be good!
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Feb-01-2016)
Zalman ZM700-GVM 700W
Here's a name we don't see everyday here at the lab - Zalman. We have a brand new power supply from them here for testing in the form of the semi-modular ZM700-GVM. Zalman units used to be quite decent back in the day... what about now?
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Jan-27-2016)
Silverstone Strider Platinum 750W
We haven't looked at a Silverstone unit in a little bit, so let's look at one now. This is a company that has been concentrating hard lately on bringing us power supplies that can do the job in less space than the competition without a lot of compromise to the performance side of things. They're now bringing this strategy to the realm of 80 Plus Platinum efficiency. Let's find out if the ST75F-PT gets the job done.
Permalink (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jan-18-2016)
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