Reviews - SilverStone SG07B-W w/ ST60F-SG 600W Power Supply
Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By Tazz on Thu, Mar-31-2011)

Page 7 - Scoring

Functionality (40%): To start off with, one must understand that this is a Mini-ITX setup that is going to limit you in various areas. The SilverStone SG07B-W is geared toward users looking to build the ultimate Mini-ITX system. Having built several SFF rigs in the past, cable routing is always a negative. SilverStone did make this a little easier by offering the ST60F-SG power supply with shorter than normal cables. I do think they could have went just a tad further and made sure that the PSU supported all the required components (Slim Optical Drive). It supports up to a 12.2" long video card which gives you endless options on video card selections, but keep in mind that the bigger cards generally create more heat to deal with. The SG07B-W also uses a Positive Pressure cooling design with added filters for all air intakes, which should allow the user to keep the inside of the system dust free with minimal effort. The Mini-ITX setup can handle two 2.5" HDDs, and/or one 3,5" HDD which gives you plenty of storage space for all your movies or games. With the larger than life 180mm fan in the top of the case directly above the motherboard, you have the option of using a passive cooler for the CPU (Up to 95W). Overall I feel this is a really nice setup for an Mini-ITX build. I think a score of 9 here will suffice. The ST60F-SG had no problems meeting the 80+ Bronze rating. 

Value (20%): Comparing the value of the SG07B-W with other cases like it is a little tough. Not many of the Mini-ITX combos offer a 600W power supply with them. I was able to find the SG07B-W at several places for just under $200 USD. If you was to go with a Lian Li PC-Q08 paired with a decent 600W power supply, you would end up in the same price range. Granted the Lian Li is an aluminum case compared to the SilverStone's steel. I think I will have to go with a 8.5 here.

Aesthetics (40% of final score): The SG07B-W reminds me of a couple of the older Sugo series cases that SilverStone has. Although I would have liked to seen this wearing a complete brushed aluminum suit, matte black would be the next choice. Everything fits together nicely, and has nice clean lines. This would easily fit in sitting next to the audio components on the stereo rack. I think a 8.5 is warranted here.







Total Score



  Overall the SilverStone SG07B-W paired wit hthe ST60F-SG kind of surprised me. Having worked with a several other Micro-ATX cases in the past, I can easily recall how cramped and cumbersome they felt. Even when looking at SilverStones own SG-01 things seemed to be a bit more cramped that what I noticed with on the SG07B-W. Although the layout is a little different with the SG07B-W, I think it really works well for a Mini-ITX platform. On the cooling side, you have a large 180mm intake fan directly over the CPU/Mobo which is going to give optimal cooling for that area. The "Duct" for the VGA cooling is adjustable for ideal fresh air intake. Then we look at the ST60F-SG that comes included. Not only is it designed for the Mini-ITX platform (shorter cables), its 80+ Bronze rated and had no problem backing it up. Looking at the voltage regulation, it was pretty consistent between the hot and cold tests. It would have been nice to see the +3.3V and +5V regulation a little tighter. Ripple on the +3.3V and +5VSB could have been a little better as well, but they stayed well within the ATX spec while the +5V and +12V rails did really good. With the SilverStone SG07B-W, you are getting the option to build a nice little power house of a PC with a very small footprint that will easily do everything it's meant to. Noise shouldn't be to much of a problem depending on the VGA solution you choose to use. Overall you really couldn't go wrong with this combination.

The Good:

  • Good looking case.
  • Installation is fairly easy.
  • Included 600W 80+ Bronze power supply.
  • Accepts either 2.5" or 3.5" HDD.
  • Accepts up to 12.2" long video cards.
  • Positive pressure cooling system.
  • PSU & Case have quiet & cool operation.
  • PSU has stable voltage regulation.
  • PSU has good ripple suppresion.

The Bad:

  • Did not include connector or adapter for Slim optical dive.

The Mediocre:

  • Steel instead of aluminum.
  • Did not have any insulation under the PCB in the PSU.
  • Cable routing, but this was expected somewhat.


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