Reviews - XFX Core Edition 650W & 750W Pro
Sample Provided by: XFX (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Feb-02-2011)

Page 7 - Disassembly - 650W

In keeping with the alternating nature of this review, I think I'll begin with the 650W. Let's get the cover off.

What you see above are the guts of a Seasonic based power supply. Ah, so that's why these units did so well - Seasonic's been putting out fantastic units on a steady basis for a while now.

This be the fan of this here power supply.

As always, we find a good portion of the AC transient filter right up by the receptacle. This PCB holds four Y capacitors, one X capacitor, and a coil.

Soldering in general is very good, though not quite as good as some of Seasonic's higher end double layer PCB models. See that black component in the middle? That's the SBR10U45 Schottky used on the 5VSB output.

More transient filter can be seen in front next to the two GBU606 bridge rectifiers. Two coils, another X capacitor, another two Y caps, and an MOV.

Primary filter capacitors are Rubycon.

That daughterboard in the lower right corner holds the PWM controller, a CM6802. The board on the other side has a PS223 protection chip on it. And yes, folks, that's a big Rubycon capacitor in the dead center, the only one found on the secondary side.

The rest of the secondary caps are Nippon Chemi-Con, including the polymers on the VRM. For those of you asking whether or not I found OCP on the 12V rails... no I didn't. The unit has OPP to protect the 12V rail - that's all. And that's really all that's needed on this unit.

The PFC heatsink. Two 20N60C3's and a diode.

The primary heatsink. Two more 20N60C3's.

Finally, this is the 12V secondary heatsink, from which all secondary voltages are derived. Four SBR30A50CT's can be found here.

Let's see what's different about the 750W model, now.

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