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Sample Provided by: Seasonic USA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-19-2016)

Page 6 - Scoring

Performance (40% of the final score) - and we come down to the scoring page again. Because I have not yet come up with a good way to score the power on spike tests, we'll go back to the way I've always scored them - on a fail only. We did not get a fail, so those pass without deductions. The same goes for the standby tests, where I also don't score on anything other than a fail. The three main areas I score on here, because they are the most important in terms of performance, are voltage regulation under load, ripple suppression, and efficiency. Regulation, I think you will agree, could not possibly be better on this thing than we saw. The unit cleared 0.16% in the hot box after getting real close to perfect regulation in the cold tests. No deduction there. Ripple control was flawless, reading 12mV at most. No deduction. Efficiency passed for Titanium. No deduction. This unit just straight up kills this section of the score. 10.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - again, just like the 750W model, this unit does everything right and nothing wrong. No Bergs where I hate them. No ribbons where I hate them. No capacitors in the cables. One PCIe connector per cable. Semi-fanless mode. The list goes on and on with this thing. 10.

Value (20% of the final score) - $199.99 gets you one of these at Newegg. It is the very same price as the EVGA T2 850W unit. This is the only Titanium unit competing that can hold a candle to the performance I saw today, or even the performance I said you should expect on page three. Getting something that performs almost this well at Platinum may save you some cash if you can find the EVGA P2 at a good price. That one is $145 right now... that, folks, is why Titanium units don't sell well at Newegg yet. But, when compared fairly against the Titanium competition, this unit just doesn't have one thing going against it. Now... I scored the T2 unit a mite low in this category because Platinum was just so much cheaper at the time I couldn't ignore it. That really has not changed a whole lot since then. However, since then Titanium has come down in price and Seasonic has price matched the Titanium competition with this unit. Heck, the AX860i is the same price as this one. Yes, that one gives you Corsair Link, but still... this is all Seasonic really need to do, pricewise. I'm going to do a 10 here, and if I'm being honest I would probably give the EVGA unit the same score if I were reviewing it today. I think I was a bit harsh on that one back in the day, even if it was crazy expensive. These two both deserve to be on top.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) - perfect. 10.







Build Quality


Total Score



This is to date the most stable power supply I have ever tested. By far. It gave me beyond mythic regulation to the point I might have to buy a new meter to quantify stability in anything else like it, ripple control was insanely good, and the unit was pushing 95% efficiency at one point. But it's like I said on page three... I think you're looking at the power supply equivalent of Michael Phelps, here. Both the storm chaser and the swimmer. Most of you, I think, are going to get one that stays a little more toward the 0.5% average regulation number. You know, like my revised 750W model had. And you won't complain about that, because it's still just about the best thing on the market, performance wise. But a few of you - and I don't have any clue how many, because I'm not a God - will get one like this. I've got the 650W model yet to come, and you better believe I'm looking forward to running that one now.

The Good:

  • damn near perfect voltage regulation
  • beyond excellent ripple suppression
  • fully modular
  • semi-fanless mode
  • are you kidding, you really need more reasons to buy one?

The Bad:

  • currently, the highest capacity Titanium Seasonic makes

The Mediocre:

  • the ball's in your court, Super Flower - get those capacitors out of your cables and fire back!

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