Reviews - FSP Hexa HE-400 400W
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, May-20-2013)

Page 6 - Scoring

Performance (40% of the final score) - and so we come to another page of scoring. FSP did a pretty good job of building a decent, no nonsense budget power supply here. It doesn't really do too much to wow us, beyond those outstanding overshoot transient scope shots, but it is a good basic unit that I wouldn't have any concerns about throwing into a basic build for someone. Efficiency did pass 80 Plus Standard both times, so no points will come off a perfect score there. However, a point and a half will need to come off for the strictly average voltage regulation. To this, I will need to add another two point deduction for the 12V ripple. I need to see under 25mV for excellent, 50mV for very good, 75mV for average, and 100mV for below average, so this unit gets into the below average bracket there. No points will come off at all for the minor rail ripple... both rails were inside the excellent bracket at all times. What's our total score then? 6.5. Not great, but again... think about the market this is intended for. Does Cousin Bob need 1% regulation and stupid low ripple to check his email, update his Facebook status, and play a round of Minecraft on his low end GPU? No, he does not.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - I have to make some deductions here, too. In a budget unit such as this, the frills are the first things to go, and many of those I score on. User guide with only basic info, half a point off. Not modular, a full point off. Partial sleeving, half a point off. But I'm going to stop there, and here's why... FSP didn't go so far into the budget market that they sacrificed sleeving on the ATX cable where it is needed most, and they didn't skimp on this unit in the looks department, either. I especially like that fan grille. So, this unit gets an 8 here.

Value (20% of the final score) - I'm going to New Zealand to price this one, just because it doesn't seem to be in stock at any retailer I can find at the moment. It may even be discontinued... hard to say with these overseas units sometimes. Elive has this unit listed for $51.30 NZD... about $41 and change in US dollars. That price is lower than every other power supply they list. Lower than Antec. Lower than Enermax. Lower than Aywun. Wait, what? My first impulse is to give the unit a perfect score based on this, but when I cannot tell whether or not the unit is still being produced, I can't quite be that generous. I'll do another 8, I think. If you can get it for that price, and you need a good unit on the cheap, just buy it.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) - build quality was a bit of a mixed bag, but generally excellent as I have come to expect from FSP. No plastic insulator under the mainboard was the biggest sticking point for me here, so I'll remove a full point on that one. A half point will come off for the use of second string capacitors. But, I'll stop there. I don't punish any units with APFC for not having surge suppression at the line input, because the APFC circuit itself provides some functionality there. I really can't see any other thing to complain about here. Loved the use of the threadlocker. 8.5.







Build Quality


Total Score



FSP has quite a decent little budget unit, here. The performance isn't anything too special, but it's another good, solid, FSP build offered at an affordable price. This is strictly an "it'll do until I can save up for that Magic Luckypower Frogbuster Platinum I want" power supply. No more, and no less. Can you do better? Yes. Bring wallet, spend more. Can you do worse? Oh, hell yes. Especially if you try to go much cheaper than this.

The Good:

  • decent build quality at a low price
  • outstanding minor rail ripple suppression
  • did I mention the low price?
  • very good 12V stability
  • insanely good crossloading tolerance for a group design

The Bad:

  • below average regulation on the 3.3V rail

The Mediocre:

  • 12V ripple suppression
  • skimping on insulation under the mainboard... I don't get it. The PWM control daughterboard has three layers of protection, for Pete's sake!!! Four, if you count the EMI shield!

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