Reviews - Corsair TX750M (2017) 750W
Sample Provided by: Corsair (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Aug-07-2017)

Page 5 - Disassembly

On to the take it apart page, and we'll stop at a fan shot before anything else. This is a 120mm version of the fan found in the 850W unit. With a 7 year warranty, I don't plan on worrying about quality, though Corsair is pretty good about putting good fans into these things.

Here's the unit on the inside. Like I said earlier, Great Wall is the OEM. Love the heavy gauge wire to the modular board to cut down on clutter.

Line filtering begins with two Y caps and an X cap.

Soldering is flawless today.

More line filter out front. Two coils, two Y caps, one X cap, and a TVS diode. One more X cap after the two U20K80R bridges.

A CM6500 takes care of PFC control close to one of the two 65SL099A PFC MOSFETs.

The minor rail VRM. One APW7159 controller, three 0403GH parts each for the 3.3V and 5V outputs. Two of those parts are on the other side of the board.

Main switchers are a pair of 24N60DM2 parts.

PWM controller is a CM6901.

Four AP4608Ps handle the 12V output of the unit.

While most capacitors are Nippon Chemi-Con, some are also Rubycon. None are substandard at all.

Soldering looks good on the modular board.

A Sitronix ST9S429-PG14 handles protection for the unit.

Finally, a look at the modular board and its polymer capacitors from the business end. Shall we go score this unit?

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