Reviews - EVGA 750BQ 750W
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-03-2016)

Page 5 - Disassembly

And now we take the unit apart. As promised, it does have a TNB fan. Yes, the fan was indeed hitting the grille in the hot tests - the grille is slightly bent on my unit. Not a big deal for me - I just bent it back.

Well, that's... weird. A whole row of capacitors is missing, it looks like. Given the traces, I would say this is intended for auxiliary 12V filtering. And yet, the unit does the job well enough already, as we saw. I wonder how much better ripple control would be if these capacitors were there.

Over on the left, we start our line filtering with one X cap, two Y caps, and a coil.

This unit's guts come from HEC, aka Compucase. Not the best OEM in the known universe, but not the worst either.

Soldering on this unit is outstanding.

There's more line filtering here, but it's only just enough to get things done. Two more Y caps, one X cap, one coil, one TVS diode.

I see a CM6800 series PWM/PFC controller here, do you?

Two GBU1506 bridges handle things here. It's a bit odd to see that they seem to be sharing each other's through holes, and I don't really care for that. Especially with the leads being bent around the heatsink like that. As is, it looks like they had some issues with space running PCB traces on both board sides, but I still think this could have been engineered around. Make space by moving the extra Y caps to the receptacle board, maybe. I believe I'll score on it.

All capacitors except the Chemi-Con main filter cap are from Teapo. You can see one of the two VRMs for the minor rails here, too... these use an APW7164 and four M3006D parts. That transistor in the middle right is the standby output Schottky, a PFR10L60CT.

Protection is done with a Weltrend WT7527V.

Soldering looks decent here, too.

More Teapo, here. Not the best, but far from the worst. You know what? I think I'll go back to scoring caps the way I used to. Even so, Teapo will not get a big deduction at all.

Four CSD18532KCS power MOSFETs handle the 12V output of this unit.

Meantime, here is the primary heatsink. Two FDP18N50s for switchers, three SGT160NW3s and a diode for PFC. Scoring time!


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