Reviews - Raidmax Monster Power RX-700AT
Sample Provided by: Raidmax (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-25-2016)

Page 5 - Disassembly

While the fan seems reminiscent of the one in the N700, I've got literally nothing to go on here to ID it. It's not quite the same fan, as the N700's didn't have those louvers, but it's likely a close Adda cousin as the RPM spec is identical and I can't imagine a small factory like Andyson swapping fan sources on a whim.

This is looking very, very similar to the N700 so far. Some capacitors appear to be different.

We'll start with the line filtering around the AC jack, where we find some capacitor leads left too long. I'll just trim those from the unit while I decide how much to trim from the score.

Fortunately, the mainboard soldering is every bit as good now as it was on the N700. Fantastic!

Presented for your consideration is the CM6901 PWM controller and PS223 supervisor.

The 12V output parts are the same 01N04LS parts we got with the N700.

Line filtering continues here with two X caps, two Y caps, a TVS diode, and two coils.

One of the two identical bridge rectifiers can be seen here.

Two 5R140Ps and a diode make up the PFC parts.

Two more 5R140Ps make up the main switchers.

The minor rail VRMs. One APW7073 controller and one 86350D each provide those rails.

Capacitors are still wall to wall Japanese in this unit. Hitachi on the primary, Chemi-Con and Nichicon on the secondary.

Soldering still passes muster on this board.

Finally, a few more Chemi-Con caps will round out this page.

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