Reviews - FirePower Fatal1ty 750W
Sample Provided by: FirePower Technology (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Dec-14-2015)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Our first step in taking the unit apart is, of course, to take a look at the fan. No, I could not get the plastic air deflector off the hub to see the part number any better... the label tries to come off the fan with it. That said, I can still make out the part number: RL4RB1352512H. It's a ball bearing fan, so no scoring hit will be taken here.

I like the nice clean layout in this unit, aided by the use of larger gauge wires to the modular panel. That surely helps the unit keep cool.

Line filtering starts with one X cap and two Y caps. That's a capacitor discharge IC on that little circuit board... helps with efficiency.

Soldering for Sirfa is usually pretty good and sometimes not so good. Most of this unit looks to be in the former category. That's a 3PCS01 PFC controller on the right side, there. That said...

Look on the very right of this picture. That's a joint with not enough solder, and I see a few cold joints as well. I will be scoring on that.

There's more line filtering to talk about. I see two more X caps (one after the bridge), two more Y caps, two coils, and a TVS diode. Looks good to me.

The PFC section uses a diode and two 5R140Ps. Rubycon is the brand of the main filter cap.

There's our PWM controller.

Main switchers are two more 5R140Ps.

The minor rail VRM uses a controller I couldn't get a part number from and a total of eight 060N03Ls.

Sadly, the capacitor selection on the secondary side is not that great. Sirfa has saddled FirePower with third tier Su'scon parts, and I will be scoring against that. If I were Fatal1ty, these are not the type of parts I would want my name attached to (then again, if I were Fatal1ty, I'd probably want my name on the PC P&C stuff from the get-go). While cost-downing like this is great for helping the bottom line in the short run, in the long haul it does more harm than good to the brand. Those who know power supplies, and that's increasingly more people these days, also know they don't want these capacitors in them. Low ripple as this unit may be, these parts just don't have the longevity needed to hold up over many years of use. That's not to say they can't last, it's just that they usually don't.

At the very least, I'd be ringing up Sirfa asking for these capacitors to be swapped out with Teapo parts if not the good Japanese stuff. Teapo levels of quality, I can accept for a mainstream product like this.

Even most of the polymers in this unit are from Su'scon, though I expect they are considerably more reliable than the electrolytic stuff in this unit.

Yes, I am perfectly aware that this unit is set up as a dual 12V design. The multi-rail overcurrent protection on this unit is not enabled, so it's still single 12V. I checked.

The modular board on this unit has terrific soldering.

Oh, now we get the Japanese capacitors. On the modular board, where high quality parts aren't needed so much. Looks like we have room for extra connectors, as well.

Here's the 12V output side of things... four IRFB7437 parts.

Time for scoring!

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