Reviews - EVGA GQ 850W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Nov-09-2015)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Opening up the unit, we see the FDB fan that came with this unit, from Protechnic.

The guts of this unit come from FSP's factory, which is kind of remarkable. FSP traditionally has taken Silverstone's approach to the market, where as long as they were inside the ATX specification they were doing pretty good. And I still don't think that's a bad approach. We don't actually need 1% regulation and sub 20mV ripple to get stable rigs... that's gravy.

Granted, FSP did have that spell with the Epsilons where they attempted to redefine the spec for 12V ripple to 200mV, and I did test a few units based on that platform that performed not so well, but units like this one go a long way toward making up for those days.

Around the AC receptacle, we find two Y caps, an X cap, and a capacitor discharge IC to help with the efficiency.

FSP's soldering is usually excellent. This unit is no exception.

More line filtering happens on the mainboard. I see an extra two Y caps, two more X caps, a TVS diode, and two coils.

Here are your bridge rectifiers, people.

The PFC section is right here. I counted three 6R190C6 parts and one diode. The primary caps, and some of the secondaries, come from Rubycon.

Two 11N80C3s make up the main switchers.

There's your PWM controller, a proprietary "6600." FSP has used these before.

The minor rail VRM uses an APW7159C as a controller. I was not able to get a clear, legible part number that made sense off the six output devices.

Most of the secondary caps are from Nippon Chemi-Con.

Ah, another FSP proprietary part number.

The fan controller houses a Weltrend WT7527T protection IC.

Buried way down in the unit, we find four CSD19506KCS parts for the 12V output.

There are a few messy looking solder blips on the modular connector board that look to be touch-ups done by hand. I'm not sure I'll score against them... they're not too bad at all.

Finally, the business side of the modular board. There's room for two more VGA cable connectors, it would seem. Love the big metal jumpers both on the modular board and the mainboard on the lower left. Those should move some power where it needs to go without adversely affecting voltage readings.

Scoring time again!

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