Reviews - EVGA Supernova P2 850W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-14-2015)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Of course, this would hardly be a review without a take-apart. Here's the ball bearing fan the box mentioned.

By now, the Leadex platform is unable to surprise me. Nothing new about this shot. Except... see that black wire running in front of the VRM on the top right? It's labeled "OTP." So the unit does have overtemp protection.

Once again, the AC input carries no filtering parts.

The soldering on this unit is excellent - I don't think I'll score against that.

Line filtering on this unit consists of a TVS diode, two coils, two X caps, and four Y caps. No issues there.

Two 5R140Ps and a diode make up the PFC section on this unit.

Two more 5R140Ps act as main switchers.

Here's your PWM controller, an AA9013.

Standby power comes through an S10C60C, while an LM324 takes up residence on the fan controller daughterboard nearby.

All capacitors come from Nippon Chemi-Con. These are the kind of parts I want to see in a company's high end stuff, though I am no longer turning away some of the better Chinese parts. Polymers in particular, I have no qualms about seeing some Chinese names on.

More capacitors can be found on the modular connector board.

Finally, six of these here 023N04Ns provide 12V output for the unit.

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