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Page 5 - Disassembly

Let's take this unit apart now. So far, we haven't had anything like forty-three ows from this unit. Here's the fan. It's a sleeve bearing... I'd rather see ball bearing models in budget units.

Hey, it's like I keep telling people - my score is my personal opinion. You're welcome to disagree, just like I'm welcome to ignore any "here's how you need to do your job, mister 'has been in electronics for 26 years'" private messages you might send later.

Opinions are ok. We all have them. Just... good luck changing mine if you don't bring any evidence to light at the crime scene, if you know what I mean.

Next shot - the innards. We have another Heroichi aka HEC aka Compucase unit on our hands.

As expected, the blank space on the exhaust grille hides a bunch of line filtering stuff. Two Y caps, a coil, and an X cap.

Soldering is pretty much flawless on this unit. Come to think of it, has HEC really had too many problems here?

More line filtering out front. Two more Y caps, one more coil, one more X cap. There's no surge suppressor, which I don't really like to see, but it's less critical on an APFC unit than it would be otherwise. I don't currently score against this.

In the distance, you can see a single GBU806 bridge rectifier. I'd like to see that on a heatsink, but clearly it wasn't needed in the hot box. The unit ran fine.

Now, I don't usually talk about primary filter capacitors much, but I will this time. I'm sure this will land me about a billion "your stupide, u stupidy hedd LOLOLOL" private messages later, but I'll deal with them as fast as I can ignore them. And yes, that did hurt to type... I think I just broke the spelle chacker in my brane.

You'll notice that this particular primary cap is from Capxon, and is 85 degrees. You're probably wondering why I have el-zippo plans to score against that. Well, it's like this... it's just not as important much of the time to have high temp caps on the primary. Especially when they are being actively cooled by a big ol' 120mm wind machine. Capacitor life often depends on how cool you keep them, and the simple fact is that in most power supplies, it's sometimes not the primary side heatsink you need to worry about. It can still get plenty hot, and in those cases you often will find the 105 degree parts. But in this case, you have a 430 watt power supply. That's not a lot of power, really. Lots of room around the primary cap for cooling, with a fan right above the capacitor.

On the secondary, I don't want to see a single part rated under 105 degrees. For any unit. This is because the secondary is usually cramped with not much ventilation, the capacitors are smaller and prone to heating up quicker, they're often near the hottest parts of the unit (not just heatsinks, coils can get really hot, too), and the more delta you have between the capacitor temp rating and the actual temp, the longer they're going to last.

At any rate, I see 85 degree primary caps all... the... time. My FSP 530W had them. Both Teapo. They were right in the front to back wind tunnel that unit had, so they were well cooled. As far as I know, that beast is still going. I don't know, I sold it a while back. I've never seen primary caps fail unless they were exceptionally bad quality, installed backwards, or someone flipped the little red switch on the wrong continent, thus doubling the voltage to them.

Aha - a CM6800 PWM controller.

Aha - a TNY279PN standby chip.

Aha - capacitors. All of which are from Teapo, all of which are 105 degree, even where you'd expect to find the 85 degree general purpose parts. No scoring impact there - I do not punish Teapo today for sucking in the past.

This is the secondary heatsink. We have two MBR3045CTs for the 5V rail, one MBR3045CT for the 3.3V rail, and two SBR30A60CTs for the 12V rail. There is a heatsink screw - it was good and tight, and soldered down.

Dear HEC - my brain's OCD department would like you to just... straighten those insulators, please!!!!!!!!!!@!@!@#$!@#!$$@#%@%QQ#%#! Also, the standoffs aren't symmetrical. Also... no, no, I'm stopping there. I will not obsess over the heatsink having only one screw based standoff. Or the fins all being different sizes. Or the thermistor holder being off center, and there only being one of them.

Adrian Monk would have had a heart attack about now, I reckon.

The primary side parts. Two MDF13N50s and a diode for PFC, two 10NK60Zs for switchers.

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