Reviews - Andyson N700 700W Titanium
Sample Provided by: Andyson International (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-27-2015)

Page 5 - Disassembly

A ball bearing fan greets us as we open up the unit. It's the same one as the 1200W Platinum model had.

The internal layout of this unit is reminiscent of the 1200W unit, too. There are some major differences, of course, as this is not the same platform.

Line filtering starts with one X cap and two Y caps.

The soldering on this unit is darn near perfect, and will not be scored against.

These are the 12V output parts here - all are BSC010N04LSI.

This area of the board houses the CM6901 PWM controller, a PS223 protection chip, and an Si8230BD isodriver chip.

More line filtering out front - I see a TVS diode, two coils, two more Y caps, and two more X caps. More than adequate.

A CM6502 runs the PFC section in this unit.

The two main switchers are 5R140Ps.

All electrolytic caps, not that I'm as strict about that as I was two weeks ago, are Japanese branded. I see both Nichicon and Nippon Chemi-Con in here. Polymers come from Nippon Chemi-Con and Teapo.

I am no longer scoring against Teapo electrolytics, let alone their polymers, so I have no complaints here. Seriously, Teapo has to be the widest used Chinese brand out there in these things. And I'm not just talking about second string OEMs like CWT, either. No, I've seen their stuff in Win-Tact, Etasis, Zippy, and Delta units as well. If those four don't have a problem using Teapo, neither do I.

Seriously, it's been decades since I saw a failed Teapo, and I'm not even really sure it was bad. It was just surrounded by Fuhjyyu parts, which at that point became a "might as well swap it, I'm doing all the others" thing.

Each tiny VRM is controlled by an APW7073 and powered by an 86350D. Enhance has been proving for a while now they can get excellent results out of these same parts, and now Andyson's doing it too.

Once more, I can't argue with the soldering in this unit.

A few more Teapo polymers greet us on the modular board.

Finally, we have the PFC heatsink, which was a real bear to get out of there. I'm not sure if this thing will work again, honestly, after all the heat I dumped into these parts. We have two 5R140Ps and a diode for PFC, and two GBU15L06 bridge rectifiers.

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