Reviews - EVGA Supernova PS 1000W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Apr-13-2015)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Here's our fan of the day - the same TNB unit the 1050GS got. As we saw that day, it's basically an improved sleeve bearing that gives the fan some extra life. I decided not to score a deduction last time due to the improvements, and it will be the same story today.

Oh, hello, Seasonic. I don't plan on going too in depth with this today, as my hands look like they went ten rounds with a cheese grater, so you'll have to be content with minimal shots this time out.

The usual Seasonic shielded line filter starts things off today. I've had that apart often enough that I am happy to spare myself the trouble today.

At times, Seasonic's soldering is up there with the best of them. At other times...

Yeah. Not quite so good, there. I have enough here to dock a half point for on the next page.

Line filtering is more than ample on Seasonic's high end stuff. We have two coils, two Y caps, two X caps, and a TVS diode. That's not counting the parts around the AC receptacle.

Here are two of the four main switchers.

PFC parts and Chemi-Con main filter caps.

Once again, no thermal paste on the 12V output heatsink. I'll fix that in due time. We have electrolytic caps from Chemi-Con and polymers from Nichicon. Awesome.

That's a CM6901 PWM controller, of course, on the 12V output board near the heatsink.

There's our VRM for the minor rails.

And finally, some more Nichicon polymers here.

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