Reviews - High Power Astro GD 1200W
Sample Provided by: High Power (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Oct-06-2014)

Page 5 - Disassembly

The first thing we see on pulling things apart is our ball bearing golf ball looking fan from Globe.

I like the layout I'm seeing in this unit so far.

Line filtering begins here with one X capacitor and two Y caps.

Wow... that is the cleanest soldering I have ever seen from Sirfa.

More line filtering takes the shape of two more Y caps, one more X cap, a TVS diode, and two coils.

Ok... the bridge rectifiers. On this unit, Sirfa used two GBJ2506 parts. Those are overkill, and they're both rated to 150 degrees. So, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that these parts can indeed handle the temperatures we saw in the hot box. That said, I don't think that heatsink on them is big enough. Just because those parts can handle the head doesn't mean they should. I might score on that.

Two 6R125Ps make up the main switchers.

PFC parts include three 24N60C3s and two diodes. They're found on a heatsink directly behind this one. I took it out to ID the parts but forgot to shoot it.

A PS223 provides protection for the unit near the 40N03GP used for the standby rail. 12V output is provided by eight 034NE7Ns on two heatsinks.

All electrolytic capacitors are from Nippon Chemi-Con.

Like I said... I forgot to shoot the PFC heatsink. Sorry. I like that all connections to the VRM/modular board are done with heavy gauge wires that are cleanly soldered to the board. Sirfa is not known for clean soldering, especially when it comes to thick wires.

A CM6800 controls the PWM and PFC sections of the unit.

The VRM outputs are provided using an APW7159 controller and eight 060N03Ls. It's like Sirfa looked at what Seasonic and others are now doing, and are trying for that same level of crazy stability.

Just a tip for you, Sirfa... Seasonic is only getting 0.5% regulation and better thanks to the use of extra vsense wires to the ATX connector. The circuit design in the unit is only half of the equation. You need good connections at both ends of the modular cables, plus the extra wires, if you want to come up to that level, and I did notice some fluctuating when I prodded the connectors in the hot tests. It wouldn't take much to go from here to getting Seasonic to lose sleep at nights, Sirfa.

Polymer capacitors appear to come from Fujitsu in this unit. I certainly can't complain about that.

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