Reviews - EVGA 500W
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-23-2014)

Page 5 - Disassembly

We'll start things off with this here fan shot.

Folks, what we have here is the exact same HEC design used in the 500B. Just... you know... less efficient and more rippletastic.

Line filtering starts here with two Y caps, one X cap, and a coil.

Soldering is very good in general... I won't pull points for it. Hey, is that a heatsink screw? Bet it's not threadlocked.

Nope, it isn't. And it's short, too... a hazard for short circuits if it ever works loose. But at least it's tight on this one.

A CM6800 is our PWM/PFC controller of the day. That's a Capxon main filter capacitor, there.

Line filtering continues here with two more Y caps, an X cap, and a coil. No surge suppression device is present, but I tend to let that slide in APFC units anyway.

You can also see the WT7527V protection IC and TNY279PN standby controller in this shot.

This, I will be taking points for. The bridge rectifier should be heatsinked, even though this unit handled forty degrees fine. It is heatsinked on the 500B. According to the datasheet, it is only able to handle 8A of current without the heatsink at that forty degree mark. It drops to 7A at fifty degrees. A little calculation tells me that during a 100V brownout at full power, we can expect to see 6A going through this little guy... that's a mite close for my tastes.

I don't think I'll pull too many points, though. As long as you stay below the forty degree mark, this unit should be ok.

All secondary capacitors come from Teapo.

The primary side heatsink. We have four MDP13N50s divided evenly between PFC and main switching duties, plus the PFC diode.

On the secondary side of things, we find two STPS30L45CTs for the 5V rail, two PFR30L60CTs for the 12V rail, and one more STPS30L45CT for the 3.3V rail.

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