Reviews - High Power Astro PT 700W
Sample Provided by: High Power (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-16-2013)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Here's our fan of the moment.

Being a High Power unit, the OEM is automatically Sirfa. Looks like a nice, open design, but I'm a bit concerned that the minor rail VRM seems to be a bit close to the 12V heatsink. Its parts do not have a heatsink, and are right there to collect heat from the 12V side of things. Still, the unit did handle its heat, so I won't make a big deal out of that.

The line filtering starts here with an X cap and two Y caps. The X cap has a small board with a CM02X capacitor discharge IC attached to it... this helps it attain those above average standby efficiency numbers we saw earlier.

The back of the Eagle Eye board, for your viewing pleasure. I wonder what that second connector does... only the one nearer the camera was plugged in.

Solder quality and board work was just good enough to get a pass from me on. Could be better, but not by enough for me to feel the need to pull points.

More line filtering out front, of course. I see one X cap, two Y caps, two coils, and one TVS diode.

Two GBU1005s make up the bridge rectifiers.

The CM6901 PWM controller is found on that daughterboard on the right, while the CM6502 PFC controller is right on the mainboard nearby.

After removing the Panasonic main filter cap, I found that the PFC section uses two 6R099s and a diode, while the main switchers are a pair of 6R125C6s.

Here's the VRM, on which no part had a fully legible part number. It looks to be driven by the same APW7159 controller I've seen in many other units.

Again, good soldering and board work.

All secondary capacitors are Nippon Chemi-Con.

Looks like the modular board has room for more connectors.

The mainboard is labeled as a dual 12V design without the multi-way overcurrent protection installed. I can't say for sure, though... I had no time to test that out having spent the first part of the week in Calgary testing my patience with their traffic instead.

The 12V output heatsink, from which all main voltages are derived, has four 015N04Ns for the 12V output and a single PFR30L45CT for the standby output.

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