Reviews - EVGA 500B 500W
Sample Provided by: EVGA (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Aug-26-2013)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Here's a sleeve fan for you. I'll leave it to you to pronounce that tongue twister of a name along the bottom of the label, there.

This unit appears to be OEM Heroichi, aka HEC, aka Compucase. They're capable of some decent stuff, and some not so decent stuff. Certainly, the performance hasn't been bad, has it?

Here's the line filtering board found behind the AC receptacle. Two Y caps, a coil, and one X cap.

Soldering and board work, though generally decent, has enough blips that I can see half a point coming off in scoring. I like that they soldered down the one heatsink screw in here.

More line filtering out front, including a TVS diode, one X cap, two Y caps, and a coil. That's a Weltrend WT7527V being used for protection on the lower right, there.

That primary filter cap is Capxon. I'd complain about that, but the off brand capacitors are a bigger deal over on the secondary side. Even so, I have to take the half point off for tier 2 caps already.

A CM6800 is the PFC/PWM controller for the unit.

All secondary caps appear to be Teapo. Again, a notch down from the good ones. And I don't like the proximity of the VSB caps to heat producing parts, though I suppose they have to be. Even so, we really need the Japanese parts in that application for longevity's sake.

Teapo, Teapo, Teapo. Teapo.

This is the secondary output heatsink. There are two STPS30L45CTs each for the minor rails, and two SBR40U60CTs for the 12V rail.

Here's the primary heatsink next to the GBU1006 bridge rectifier. I was happy to have found thermal grease on that part along with the heatsink.

Both of the PFC and switchers use a pair of MDP18N50 MOSFETs. The PFC section has a diode too, of course.

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