Reviews - Seasonic G Series 650W
Sample Provided by: (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-29-2013)

Page 5 - Disassembly

As always, we're taking stuff apart on this page. Ball bearing fan by Adda.

Yes sir, this is an upgraded G-550 unit.

Line filtering starts with four Y caps, one X cap, and one coil.

Solder quality is improved from the last time I saw this platform. Very good.

Still looking good here, on the modular connector board.

More line filtering out front. We have a TVS diode, an X cap, two Y caps, and two coils.

After removing the PFC heatsink, breaking a MOSFET leg in the process... and then removing the PFC coil so I could get that blasted broken MOSFET lead fixed... I got a look at the two 5R250Ps that form the main switchers.

Folks, when MOSFET leads break, the disassembly process stops. There are simply not enough hours in my week to fight with any more of these heatsinked parts, and possibly have to repair more of them. So, you'll have to make do with what I was able to find out without taking any more stuff off the mainboard. And you'd think I'd have learned not to try taking this design apart after the last time, but noooooooooooooo... I had to do it the hard way again.

Fortunately, I was able to find out rather a lot more. Almost everything, in fact. That daughterboard on the right? That holds the ICE2HS01G resonant mode PWM controller. Also, the ICE3PCS01 PFC controller.

And that board on the left? That has a PS223 supervisor chip on it.

All electrolytic secondary side capacitors are either Rubycon or Nippon Chemi-con. All of the polymers are Enesol.

Love those big old Rubycons I see in there. Main filter cap? That one's from Hitachi.

Well... at least I have some MOSFET lead left on that middle part to solder a new lead to. I've fixed units that way before... shouldn't be too much trouble. Those are both 5R250Ps, by the way. And of course, there's a PFC diode here too.

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