Reviews - Death of a Gutless Wonder IV: Aces Low
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-11-2013)

Page 5 - Disassembly

The fan comes from Young Lin Tech. I'm a little shocked to see such a good fan in a gutless wonder.

And here's that wonder now. Oh man, look at the size of the primary filter cap. Pathetic.

I can't say for sure who the OEM is, but this is no way capable of 550 watts with these parts. It's immediately obvious, just looking at that pipsqueak of a main transformer.

In my searches through the bowels of the Internet to find the OEM of this unit, I discovered that at least one other company is using this same platform - Onda. No, not Honda, Onda. When translated by Google, the product name comes out to "Ball King." Seriously.

"I went down to the store today and got an Onda Ball King."
"Dude! Too much information!"
"No, it's a computer store. I got a power supply."

Unlike the Hercules, this unit has some half decent line filtering. Two Y capacitors and an X start it off here.

Soldering is mostly pretty good, and... Fuji, zoom in there. Darnit.

Nope. This is not going to fly, Ace. I spanked Cougar in the scoring for stuff like this.

There is no MOV or TVS diode for surge suppression in this unit, but the line filtering continues with three coils, one X cap, and two more Y caps. Not bad.

That bridge rectifier, which should really be heatsinked, is a GBU4J. Primary capacitor is from Jicon.

As we see here from the two large filter coils on the secondary side, this is a group regulated design.

Capacitors throughout the unit are the finest Chinese crap you can buy. 12Kuang Jin supplies most of the secondary capacitors, but I found a few Nicons as well.

That's a Weltrend WT7925 protection IC there, which really should have known better than to be seen hanging out in the likes of a power supply like this. The unit clearly doesn't know what to do with one of these.

The PFC parts. One diode, one MDF12N50.

Main switchers are a pair of WFP840s. I couldn't ID the PWM controller... it's a surface mount part with the number obscured. It appears to be a CM6800 variant, but don't quote me on that.

Finally, the secondary heatsink. X marks the blown part... it's one of two S20C60Cs used for 12V output. I can't find a direct or upgraded replacement with which to test 115V operation, so I'll just junk the unit.

The other two parts are each S30D45Cs for the 3.3V and 5V rails. That's right, folks, the minor rails have almost as much capacity as the 12V rails on this thing.

Or "rail," I should say. There is no overcurrent protection to split the 12V rails - it's all one big vat of failsauce.

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