Reviews - Cougar GX-S 500W
Sample Provided by: Cougar (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jan-21-2013)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Here's our funky fan of the day. I like it.

What in the what? Is that what I think it is? An Andyson unit? It is!!! Sorry if my excitement is a little puzzling... I'm just not used to seeing units built by Andyson pass the 80 Plus targets they're aimed at. Glad to see an improvement, there.

AC line filtering starts with two Y caps and one X.

Soldering is very good, but not the best. I actually had some traces pull off the board while I was de-soldering the heatsinks - that shouldn't happen so easily. I may pull half a point for that in build quality.

More line filtering includes a TVS diode, two coils, two Y caps, and another X. That black box there is the relay that shorts the NTC thermistor next to it. A PS223 can be seen in the lower right corner - that's the protection IC.

The two main controllers. On the left, we have a CM6502 PFC controller, while on the right is a CM6901.

Primary filtering by Hitachi.

The VRMs each use one APW7073 controller and four M3004D MOSFETs.

All secondary filtering is done by Teapo, even though the box promised us "Japanese capacitors." Plural. As in more than one, so this unit doesn't get by me for just having the one Hitachi on the primary.

Really, I don't have a problem with Teapo for the most part, but if I'm promised the good stuff, I want to see the good stuff.

The primary heatsink. Bridge rectifier is a BU1006A. PFC duties are handled using one diode and two P22N60Es. Main switchers are two 28NM50Ns.

Finally, the 12V output heatsink holds four IRFB7446s for the 12V outputs themselves, and a single SBL1060CTW for the standby side of things.

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