Reviews - Thermaltake Toughpower XT Gold 1375W
Sample Provided by: Thermaltake (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Jun-20-2012)

Page 5 - Scoring

Performance (40% of the final score) - at last, we come to the scoring. Ok, this won't be too hard. First, the 5VSB issue. Half a point off for not managing 4A, except for a couple seconds in the overshoot transient tests. Next, the ripple. We got 50mV on the 12V rail, which is good for half a point off, being between 25mV and 50mV. It's just on the edge of where I would dock another half a point, but it's just barely in the clear there. The 3.3V rail isn't as lucky, being right at spec, but that rail is also not nearly as important as it used to be. I'll be gentle and pull half a point there too. Now... the efficiency. 80 Plus calls this a Platinum unit. My load tests also call it a Platinum unit. But, Thermaltake calls it a Gold unit. And that, my friends, impresses me. Once upon a time, Corsair sent 80 Plus a unit which cleared Gold, but they couldn't consistently promise units that always managed such high efficiency. So, they asked for the next certification down. Clearly, that's the approach Thermaltake has used here, because this unit easily clears Gold but only just clears Platinum. I want to encourage this, so I'm giving Thermaltake back that half point I took for the standby issue. Can't say I'll do the same for big brother when I get to it, but I'll burn that bridge when I get there. That adds up to a 9 for performance.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - I'm going to get the elephant in the room out of here now - that 18 gauge power cord has no business being included with this unit. Yeah, you can still use it up to a point, but after that point it becomes a serious fire hazard. I did consider that Thermaltake may have just made a mistake in sending my review samples with any old cord off the pile tossed in, which is why I'm not going harder on them, but these units were fully retail packaged in the shrink wrap. Three points off for that issue is fair, methinks. Now, the usual stuff. Not a fully modular unit, so the usual half point off for that. I'd take a full point if it were fully wired, but it's not. And... I'll stop there. I'm otherwise happy with the cabling, the features, the sleeving, and all the other little details like the SPT indicator. 6.5.

Value (20% of the final score) - Newegg and Tiger Direct both have this unit listed at $369.99. That's not the lowest price you can find on this unit, but most people tend to complain if I don't go with them. Some still complain, but that's just the way it goes. As far as comparisons go, the 1475W version is another thirty beans. Meantime, the Lepa G1600-MA is also sitting there for $329, and the fully modular Silverstone ST1500 is down to $299.99. Wuh-oh. Now, I know the Lepa is only Gold certified, and this unit actually cleared Platinum, but there's a problem. Thermaltake's decision to drop this to a Gold unit puts it right into Lepa's line of fire. Quite frankly, not only is that unit more powerful than this one, it's also smaller and better at voltage stability, with less ripple. Yeah, it's less efficient, but that only goes so far. The price on this one needs to come down. Below $300, if possible. 7.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) - the big news here today is that CWT fixed up that annoying loose heatsink screw issue. Well... they were still a bit on the loose side, but at least they threadlocked them. Just to reward them, I'm adding a half point to this score, regardless. No, I won't go over 10, because I'm still taking a point off for the soldering quality. 9.5.







Build Quality


Total Score



I have mixed feelings about Thermaltake's latest foray into the watt monster jungle. On one hand, you have a unit advertised at 80 Plus Gold that really does Platinum. I can't tell you how impressed and pleased that makes me feel... most companies would take the Platinum and market the heck out of it. But, on the other hand, Thermaltake's inclusion of an 18 gauge power cord is a major oversight that must be corrected immediately. It is simply not safe to run this unit to full power using that power cord. Otherwise, the Toughpower XT Gold 1375 watt unit is a beast of a power supply... it's stable, efficient, and just about the largest unit you will find right now that does Platinum numbers. Indeed, only the 1475 watt bigger brother looks to surpass it for efficiency. But we'll get more into that one another time. For now, this unit is a safe bet. Just get yourself a bigger power cord if you really want to max it out.

The Good:

  • very good voltage regulation
  • low 12V ripple
  • advertised as Gold but does 80 Plus Platinum
  • has a fanless mode
  • tons of modular cables

The Bad:

  • 3.3V ripple at spec

The Mediocre:

  • to be safe, do not use that 18 gauge power cord if you have more than 1000 watts worth of power needs... two video cards and one CPU should be safe, but any more than that is risky

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