Reviews - FSP Aurum Pro 1kW Gold
Sample Provided by: (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-25-2012)

Page 5 - Disassembly

Normally, I start off this page with a fan shot.

So let's get right into the guts, shall we?

Ok... now I get why there are two overtemp circuits. That's a rather busy looking layout, there. A little sloppy, if I can be honest. FSP's best isn't the best in the world, but it's usually pretty good.

After taking the mainboard out, we can see that there is one X capacitor and two Y capacitors at the AC receptacle.

More line filtering out front, with two coils, two X caps, a MOV, and two Y caps.

Soldering is very good.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors by Nippon Chemi-Con, polymers by Capxon.

The PFC components: a diode and three 5R190E6's.

The business end of the modular connector board.

The main filter capacitors.

Two! Two transformers! And a coil sloppily glued in!

The primary switchers next to another PFC diode we couldn't see from the other side.

The secondary side VRM for the minor rails is a bit shoehorned in there.

The other side of the VRM.

Here's a better look at those polymer capacitors from Capxon.

The solder side of the modular PCB.

The fan controller. Looks like FSP felt obligated to solder the fan leads in, rather than use a connector.

The solder side of the mainboard. Again, FSP isn't the best, but they are way up there. Those eight MOSFETs are the 12V output parts on this unit.

The 12V output devices are sinked to the housing thanks to this here thermal pad. They don't get a whole lot of fan cooling on this unit due to the cluttered layout, but they do get enough thanks to large metal plates that jut out from the mainboard just behind the secondary rail VRM.

I just heard a car door slam outside. Sorry, Izzy, I gotta run. I'll just sneak out this here window and be off to Canada again so I can do the scoring part of this. Tazz is going to be irritated that I spoiled his dog and ate all his ice cream. Best I was back home before he finds out.

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