Reviews - XFX Pro Series 1000W Black Edition
Sample Provided by: XFX (By OklahomaWolf on Wed, Dec-14-2011)

Page 5 - Scoring

Performance (40% of the final score) - time to sew this one up and call it a teddy bear. This is going to be easy. Performance of this unit was, for the most part, exactly the same as I found with the actual Seasonic version of this platform. Voltage regulation is still beyond excellent, it's still efficient as heck, and it still makes me drool like nothing else. That said, I'm going to take the same half point off for ripple. I have seen better. However, unlike last time, I cannot tack that half point back on due to better than 0.5% regulation, because this unit did not do that well. It was better than 1% average, so it's still excellent, but in this case it's only as excellent as the best other units I've tested that could manage around 1%. Now, about the efficiency. Do I want to remove half a point more for missing Platinum? After mulling it over for a few days, no I do not. At low loads, this unit is a bit less efficient than the Seasonic. At high loads, it's a little more efficient. The difference comes down to a fraction of a percent, and as such is not enough of a problem in either cold or hot testing for me to be that hard on this unit. 9.5.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - the cabling and functionality of this unit is exactly the same as the Seasonic, so it gets the same score. And it's especially well deserved in this case, because XFX listened to me about the wasteful packaging last time. 10.

Value (20% of the final score) - ValleySeek is currently plugging this unit for $232.00. You know what I say to that? Go, go, go. Buy, buy, buy. 9.5.

Build Quality (20% of the final score) - last time I saw this platform, I only removed one point for soldering in general, because I had seen the likes of Delta do better. But this time, I found a few more issues. Half a point comes off for the broken component lead sticking to the PCB, and the robot's screwup of the standby chip placement. I maintain that these are isolated one in a thousand issues, so I cannot in good conscience deduct more than that. But will I ignore them just because building them requires expensive tools? No, I will not. It's a free Internet, last time I checked. Nobody's forcing anyone to agree with me, or vice versa. 8.5.







Build Quality


Total Score



Once again, XFX has shown a commitment to performance by taking a fantastic platform and making it their own. While I didn't quite see the same level of performance this time out as I did the Seasonic SS-1000XP, comparing the two is like comparing a Rolex with fifty diamonds around the face to a Rolex with only forty-nine. There's not much difference, and they're both right at the top of the pile right now. The rest of the industry is now playing catch-up. Right now, only Seasonic themselves can top this unit. And you're going to be paying more for their version.

The Good:

  • excellent regulation
  • very good ripple suppression
  • switchable semi-fanless mode
  • fully modular
  • much better packaged than past XFX units

The Bad:

  • had some random isolated build quality issues the factory didn't catch

The Mediocre:

  • can we stop with the "single 12V is better" nonsense now?

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