Reviews - XFX XPS Black Edition 750W Power Supply
Sample Provided by: XFX (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Mar-28-2010)

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Performance (40% of the final score) - there should be little doubt as to what score I'm going to give this unit here. This unit combines utterly amazing voltage regulation with outstanding efficiency and just about the best ripple and noise suppression I have ever seen. And it does it all silently, too, because I sure couldn't hear that fan at any time. Even in the hot box. I almost wish I could hand out better than a perfect score, but I can't so I won't. 10.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - this unit is going to get the same score big brother did here, because this unit does just as many things right. I like the differing lengths to the modular peripheral cables, the sleeving is well done, and the modular cable connectors are easy to see in a dark case. But this unit also does as many things wrong as big brother. I speak of those mounting screws, threaded as they are for optical drives, the five year warranty in comparison to other brands' seven years, and the user guide that barely has the basics printed in it. I'd complain about that zip tie around the hardwired cables as well, since it's applied too far away from the unit, hindering cable management, but that's an easy one to remedy - just cut it off. The unit doesn't need it. So, all things considered I'll give this unit a 9.5 for doing most things right.

Value (30% of the final score) - right now, Newegg and Tiger Direct are offering this unit for $139.99. Know what you can get for the same price at Newegg? The Corsair 750HX. Considering how close the performance is between these two units, I'm just going to go ahead and throw out another 10.

Aesthetics (10% of the final score) - now, I will admit I've warmed up some to the green fan. It's not as gaudy as it was when I first saw it, and at least the unit has a distinctive look to it. I haven't warmed up to it that much, though, so this unit gets an 8.









Total Score



Back when XFX sent me their 850 watt Black Edition, we saw that when it comes to the power supply market XFX was looking to make an immediate splash. Today, with the 750 watt little brother of that unit under my microscope, I think we can safely say that XFX is looking for more of a tidal wave effect than just a small ripple in the pond. Once again, the Seasonic M12D platform has proven an outstanding performer and a hard platform indeed to beat. I just can't think of any major reason you shouldn't just go out and buy one of these - they're that good.

The Good:

  • just about the best voltage regulation I've ever seen
  • easily holds on to its 80 Plus certification, hot or cold
  • modular cables of varying lengths for easier cable management
  • very competitive price

The Bad:

  • non standard mounting screws compared to other power supplies

The Mediocre:

  • what's the point of that extra zip tie on the hardwired cables? It's two inches away from the back of the unit, making the hardwired cables hard to manage, and contributes nothing. I'd just leave that zip tie off of there, XFX.


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