Reviews - Silverstone Strider Plus 750W
Sample Provided by: SilverStone (By OklahomaWolf on Sat, Mar-13-2010)

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Performance (40% of the final score) - the Strider Plus continues to impress me. The 750 watt version of this platform boasts an easy 80 Plus Silver level of efficiency, very good voltage regulation, and fantastic ripple and noise suppression. All while purring along in forty six degree temperatures, too. In general, this unit did what big brother did, only better. While this unit is not among the very best this site has ever seen, it is more than good enough to earn this here 9.5 I'm giving it.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - much like big brother, Silverstone has again gone with cabling that has those long 250mm segments of wire between connectors. This is long enough to present some cabling related challenges in one's case, even sleeved as these cables are. Apart from that issue, there really isn't much going against this unit. There are more than enough SATA and Molex connectors for your hard drives, more than enough PCI express connectors for any video card combination you can power with a 750 watt unit, and those of you with boards needing two 8 pin EPS12V connectors are covered as well. Two points off for the cabling, and that's all. 8.

Value (30% of the final score) - Sundial Micro is currently pricing these at $125.99. That's eighteen bucks cheaper than a Corsair HX750 from the same place, and you get almost as good performance. It is also cheaper than Silverstone's own DA750, again from the same vendor. Can you argue with that? I don't think I can. 10.

Aesthetics (10% of the final score) - once again, Silverstone is all sticker happy with this unit, though fortunately most of these are confined to the side with the label. Still, I'd like to see a few less of them. As always, matte black pleases my eyes. 9.









Total Score



Silverstone has come to us with a fantastic little power supply here today. The Strider Plus 750 watt unit is a very solid, stable, and reliable Enhance design that came very close to giving 80 Plus Silver the slip and going for Gold instead. As if that weren't enough, you get top drawer ripple and noise suppression, full modularity, and mostly silent operation. There's a lot to love about this unit, and very little to hate.

The Good:

  • almost did 80 Plus Gold efficiency in the cold tests
  • excellent ripple and noise suppression
  • very stable voltage regulation
  • fully modular

The Bad:

  • 250mm between SATA and Molex connectors

The Mediocre:

  • inconsistent packaging... where are my manuals, Silverstone?


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