Reviews - Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250W
Sample Provided by: Enermax USA (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Apr-19-2009)

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Performance (40% of the final score) - when I scored the Revolution 85+, I docked it a half point for 3.3V stability and not so good soldering. The Evalaxy improves on the platform by taking the soldering a bit more seriously and eliminating the two hotfixed diodes. This is in addition to the amazing performance both in the hot and cold tests that saw the unit regulating to 2% numbers on some very high loads. I'm still not entirely happy with the 3.3V regulation due to those ATX connector pins being loose, but that's a minor complaint in a modern 12V based world. I think I'm happy enough with the improvements I saw here to bestow my first ever 10 in performance to an Enermax unit.

Functionality (20% of the final score) - just like the Revolution 85+, the Evo Galaxy offers the same flexibility in the modular cables, uses the same delayed fan turn off circuitry, and once again throws in enough SATA connectors to choke a horse. And this time, there's enough mind melting power to actually make use of all those 6+2 pin PCI-E connectors. That'll be a second 10, please.

Value (30% of the final score) - this unit only just hit the market, so prices may yet come down some, but let me tell you... I'm sitting here looking at a price of $299 for it at Unity Electronics. Frankly, I'm not sure how much better the price on this could get. A third 10.

Aesthetics (10% of the final score) - even though I like the looks about as much as I did the Revolution, it's just not my matte black favorite. Sorry, Enermax, no perfect score today. 9.









Total Score



Enermax took what was already a spectacular platform and made it more spectacular with the Evo Galaxy 1250W. This will be the only model in this line to be sold in North America, as Enermax intends it to be the top end to the Revolution 85+ line on this continent. While the efficiency on this unit isn't quite as good, at up to 89% it's not really worth complaining about. Especially in something this powerful. If you want efficiency and don't need 104A of 12V capacity, there's always the Revolution 85+ models.

The Good:

  • very efficient
  • very good at ripple suppression
  • 102A 12V load makes it yawn
  • good looking
  • lots of PCI-E 6+2 pin connectors

The Bad:

  • there's a bad side?

The Mediocre:

  • no UFO, IRS, DDT, HMO, TPS, UFC, CPA, Ph.D., or KFC protection. Come on, how am I supposed to defend myself against wrestling alien auditor doctors with bad health insurance who moonlight as accountants who only eat fried chicken and won't stop asking for TPS reports? Oh, wait, I can use the Evo Galaxy as a mace. Never mind.


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