Reviews - Cooler Master Elite V2 550W
  (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jul-07-2014)

Page 4 - Hot Testing
Overshoot Transient Testing - Cooler Master Elite V2 550W
VSB to Full, 12V
Off to Full, 12V

Before we play with the hot box, we'll look at the overshoot transient shots. And... the unit doesn't quite pass the first power on spike test, for the spike on the 5VSB just squeaks its way over the 5.5V line. I don't consider it particularly dangerous, but it does count as a breach of the ATX specification so I'll have to score on it. The other two shots of the 12V look quite good to me. Not perfect, but you don't expect perfection on a unit this cheap.

Okie dokie... the hot box awaits. I will aim for that forty degree number, and am not really expecting this unit to survive. Even at 485 watts, I reckon there's a chance this will not live to see tomorrow. But I could be wrong...

Results from Cooler Master Elite V2 550W HOT load tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V +12V2 DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Intake/
Progressive load tests
1 2A 2A 3A 3A 94.2W/
117.9V 78.7% 0.565 27C/
3.37V 4.99V 12.12V 12.11V
2 4A 4A 6.5A 6.5A 197.7W/
117.8V 81.6% 0.594 30C/
3.35V 4.97V 12.09V 12.08V
3 5A 5A 8A 8A 243.1W/
118.5V 80.9% 0.600 32C/
3.34V 4.95V 12.08V 12.06V
4 8A 8A 13A 13A 390.8W/
118.7V 79.3% 0.606 35C/
3.30V 4.91V 12.05V 12.02V
5 10A 10A 16A 16A 481.2W/
119.5V 77.7% 0.614 38C/
3.28V 4.88V 12.04V 12.02V
CL1 14A 14A 1A 1A 143.8W/
118.4V 73.6% 0.577 30C/
3.32V 4.79V 12.69V 12.69V
CL2 1A 1A 16A 16A 381.4W/
117.5V 79.7% 0.609 35C/
3.33V 5.07V 11.52V 11.49V

Ok, I was wrong. Thirty-eight degrees, and this unit was just fine. No signs of any problems. Usually, when these are past their comfort zone the efficiency goes way down. This unit actually improved its test five efficiency number, so we know it's quite comfortable with 485 watts at thirty-eight.

Unfortunately, it does miss the 80 Plus mark for a second time, so that whole point will be coming off the performance score later on. Not too big a deal - a good inefficient power supply is still a good power supply. Just... you know... inefficient.

And really, looking at the voltage readings again you could do a lot worse than this unit. Way worse, actually, because the 12V rails are still doing 0.7% regulation. The 3.3V has slipped to 2.7%, but the 5V rail is also holding steady at the same 2.2% it did in the cold tests. Our average for scoring is 1.6%, which is at the high end of my "very good" scoring bracket.

Guys, I can't believe a unit overrated out of the box is performing this well. But, there's still that third side of the performance score to contend with, and it's the most important with the largest impact on the performance score. Ripple control. Let's see how this unit did.

Oscilloscope Measurements - Cooler Master Elite V2 550W
Test #

Ok, someone's playing a joke on me. Slipped me a Seasonic or something without telling me. Except for that little hitch in the 12V side of things, we have excellent results here. The two minor rails are well below the 25mV mark, and the blips in the 12V rails run just above it at 35mV.

This is unbelievable. If I were running my scope at the settings most engineers do, I wouldn't see that blip in the 12V shots. All I would see is 15mV of excellence.

I'm just going to have to admit that this is a fantastic performing unit. Yeah, efficiency sucks and it's overrated by the marketing department, but so far that's all I really have to complain about.

Let's turn the page and take a look at the build quality.

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