Reviews - Coolermaster V1000 1000W
Sample Provided by: Cooler Master (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Jun-17-2013)

Page 4 - Hot Testing
Overshoot Transient Testing - Coolermaster V1000
VSB to Full, 12V
Off to Full, 12V

It's time to check out our power on transient tests to see what we can see for power on spikes. And I do see spikes up there, albeit very tame ones. Coolermaster has these well under control here, and rise time also looks fantastic. These scope shots aren't the best I've ever seen, but very good indeed.

Now, shall we cook us up a power supply? I've got the load testers set up so that the loads are heavily biased to the top SM-268. That's the one that heats up the hot box, so it should get plenty warm in there today.

Results from Coolermaster V1000 HOT load tests
Test # +3.3V +5V +12V DC Watts/
AC Watts
Eff. P.F. Intake/
Progressive load tests
1 1.5A 1.5A 15.5A 204.3W/
119.5V 90.5% 0.982 27C/
3.33V 5.01V 12.06V
2 3A 3A 31A 405.0W/
119.0V 91.3% 0.987 34C/
3.32V 5.00V 12.02V
3 3.5A 3.5A 38.5A 501.4W/
119.2V 91.2% 0.991 37C/
3.32V 5.00V 12.01V
4 5.5A 5.5A 62A 798.9W/
117.8V 89.4% 0.994 43C/
3.31V 4.99V 11.95V
5 7A 7A 77A 995W/
118.1V 87.9% 0.995 46C/
3.31V 4.99V 11.94V
CL1 15A 15A 0A 129.5W/
119.2V 83.5% 0.991 32C/
3.31V 5.00V 12.07V
CL2 0A 0A 83A 997W/
116.3V 88.2% 0.996 42C/
3.33V 5.00V 11.95V

Ha! I thought as much. Forty degrees is no problem whatsoever for this unit, because it got to forty-six by the end. Without shutting down. It's important to mention that fact, because this unit is claimed to have overtemp protection. People, this thing will do fifty degrees at full crank. I am dead sure of it.

In terms of efficiency, sadly, the unit missed Platinum this time out. But that's ok, because it still cleared Gold by a country mile. You know, the same kind of miles they have in the city, only with more cows and stuff. Gotta love it - Coolermaster's covered their bases pretty well by marketing this unit as a Gold unit. I'll take an easy Gold any day over "barely Platinum."

And criminy, look at those voltage readings. This beast is every bit as stable hot as it is cold. I see 0.6% again for the 3.3V rail. I see 0.4% again for the 5V rail. And I see 1% on the dot for the big one, the 12V rail. That's a little bit of a slide, but not enough to make a whit of difference to the score. Averaged, this unit did 0.7%, which is well above the excellent line.

Now... a word about the fan. This thing is supposed to come with a special fluid dynamic bearing fan, which is supposed to be silent as the grave itself at full gallop. Mine was not. Mine clattered around like crazy, but only when it was running full out. It was silent at every test other than tests 5 and CL2. I have not seen other reviewers complaining about that, so I'm thinking mine is merely faulty. I will not score against it, but I do have to mention it. And I'm going to replace it while I'm doing my dis-resembly on the next page.

Let's take a look at the scope shots for the main tests.

Oscilloscope Measurements - Coolermaster V1000
Test #

I realize I may have said this before, but I love this power supply and we're going to get married. A guy can marry as many power supplies as he wants, I reckon, even if it's a little weird. Ok, it's a lot weird. Put down the phone, sir, the men in white coats won't come for me anymore. You're wasting your time.

But seriously, look at them scope shots. They are things of beauty. The worst I saw on the 12V side of things was 27mV, while the minor rails were under 15mV. All three easily clear the excellent line to me.

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