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Sample Provided by: Zalman (By jonny on Wed, Jan-03-2007)

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I'm thinking Zalman did this so they wouldn't get sued by Antec for using an LED fan.  Hey, it works!  The blue lights are so bright, they're easily seen through the fan blades when the cover is installed.

Above is a close up of the radiator used in the ZM600-HP.  It's a very impressive size and clearly capable of dissipating a good amount of heat.

Above is a close up of the top of the secondary heatsink.  Clearly, they've foregone the fins and simply use an aluminum block for the copper heatpipe to screw to.

The Zalman unit is cooled with an ADDA AD1212MB-A71GL ball bearing fan capable of delivering 80.5CFM.  Of course, I don't believe this fan is being given a full .33A of juice because it did not sound as if the fan was spinning 2050RPM.

Ok... So I think that about wraps this up.  Let's take a look at how I score this thing....

Performance (weight of 40%): The ZM600-HP is a very solid PSU with excellent voltage regulation.  It is efficient (although not 80 Plus material,) has active PFC and is very quiet.  I'm giving it a 9.5 with the only thing keeping it from perfection is better efficiency and just a little more juice for those using G80 SLI or a Quad Father (which I've yet to be able to boot with anything less than a 700W when running SLI.)

Aesthetics (weight is 10%): The housing of the Zalman lacks any kind of "gloss" or shine.  It's a flat black metal housing, but the fact that it's compact, has all sleeved cables, is modular and has the blue LED's inside, helps it considerably.  I easily give this PSU a 9 here.  With a black chrome finish or maybe a nicer looking fan and fan grill, we could have had a 9.5 here too.

Value (weight of 30%): With a street price of about $130, the ZM600-HP is a bit more than most 600W power supply units.  But given it's performance, the fact that it's quiet and is modular, it is actually quite the value. I'm awarding the ZM600-HP a 9 in the value department.

Functionality (weight is 20%): Functionality is pretty good here.  It's compact, modular, plenty of connectors.  No, it doesn't have four PCI-e, but I wouldn't use a 600W PSU for a rig that needed four PCI-e connectors.  6 SATA connectors is a fairly decent quantity and seven peripheral Molexes should be enough for most folks.  I'm giving the Zalman a 9 here.

Performance 9.5
Aesthetics 9
Value 9
Functionality 9
Total Score 9


The Zalman ZM600-HP is a very nice power supply in every way.  It's not the miniature power station type of product we've seen a lot of in the past few months (Galaxy 1kW, Zeus 850W, etc.) but it's stable, clean, modular, compact, quiet... the list of pros goes on and on!  In fact.... let's put all of this together in a list of pros and cons!


  • Stable rails.  Excellent voltage regulation
  • Compact size works virtually anywhere
  • Super quiet
  • Modular interface
  • Fairly efficient

The BAD:

  • I have nothing bad to say


  • Flat black paint is okay... but a finish that really pops would be nice!


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