Reviews - Rosewill Lightning 1300W
Sample Provided by: Rosewill (By jonny on Wed, Oct-05-2011)

Page 4 - A look inside the unit

Lo and behold! We have here a Super Flower Golden Green 1300W, just like the one we reviewed back in May! The only real visual difference between this unit and that other one is the color of the heatsinks!

We have a lot going on on the housing. Not only do we have the selector switch for the fan's LED's, but the bulk of the transient filter resides here.

On this PCB we have an X-capacitor, two Y-capacitors and a ferrite coil. The rest of the transient filtering is continued on the main PCB where there is another X-capacitor, two more Y-capacitors a fuse and another coil.

Both of our primary capacitors are Nippon Chemi-Con.

Here are the transformers in the center of the unit. Like most Super Flower units, Super Flower uses LLC resonant mode topology.

A number of "solid" capacitors are used to filter the +12VDC output. +3.3V and +5VDC output are handled using DC to DC VRM's.

Here are all of our DC outputs. Like previous versions of this platform that we've seen, the +12V comes out of five separate outputs, but they are bridged together as one rail and there is no OCP.

Here is the modular interface from the Lightning 1300W.

To support the large connectors and for the extra circuitry needed for the lighting, the Lightning 1300W uses two PCB's sandwiched together.

The back of the modular PCB looks a little messy with all of the hand soldering, but it seems to be fairly solid.

The soldering on the bottom of the PCB looks just as good as the other Super Flower built units we've reviewed.

Cooling is handled by a Rosewill branded, 140mm ball-bearing fan.

Despite the Rosewill branding, the last few digits of the model number and UL number tell us that this is actually a Globe Fan.

Due to the fact we can change the color of our fan, the wiring is somewhat more complicated than your standard LED fan. Here we see a two wire connector to power the fan motor and a three wire connector that provides power to red and blue LED's, and a common ground.

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