Reviews - Super Flower Golden Silent 500W Fanless
Sample Provided by: Super Flower (By OklahomaWolf on Tue, Jun-21-2011)

Page 4 - Disassembly

You see that? My roundhouse kicking was so good, I got all eight screws out of the top heatsink and gently removed it without a scratch. Let's see Chuck Norris do that.

You can see the thermal pads that join the two main heatsinks, and the VRM heatsink, to the top heatsink.

And yes, this is the same platform as the Golden King 550W.

Soldering quality is well above average on this unit. Could be better, but then again so could a lot of other companies' work.

There are also thermal pads on the other side of the housing, to allow that part of the case to dissipate heat as well. Nice... somebody had their smart hat on at the factory.

This unit has no AC transient filtering at the AC receptacle. It's all on the mainboard. Two coils, three X capacitors, four Y capacitors. No MOV that I could find. That's a shame.

Superflower decided to make this thing darn near impossible to get apart, so I didn't try. The main transformer is bolted to the secondary heatsink, for Pete's sake. Fortunately, I was able to ID the major components without it. Dead center is one of four IPP023N04N's used for the 12V output.

The primary side shows us a big Nippon Chemi-Con capacitor wrapped in heatshrink. All capacitors are from NCC.

The back of the modular connector board. Nicely soldered.

Some capacitors are traditional aluminum electrolytic, some are polymers.

The primary side uses one 5R140P and a diode for PFC. Switchers are two 5R199P's.

A good look at the polymers in their cozy cave.

The daughterboard on the left houses the PWM controller, an SF29601.

The PFC controller is an NCP1653A.

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