Reviews - High Power Plus Gold 1000W
Sample Provided by: High Power (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Mar-21-2011)

Page 4 - Disassembly

Gasp! A Golden Globe! I finally get a Golden Globe! I'd like to thank The Society, my friends, my family, and all who made this day possible. Thanks to my dog, Dante... I really couldn't have done this without you. And Bugula... dear Bugula... your little insect wings carried me aloft on so many days when I thought I would be doomed to toil forever in obscurity. Oh, and thanks to the local street cleaning crew. Had it not been for your tireless inactivity, our streets would have been cleared and I'd probably be outside doing something rather than sitting here getting my work done. And... hey, where's that music coming from? I'll just type over it. I'd like to thank Enya, Paul Mounsey, Blank and Jones, Chicane, and all those who brought music into my life during the times when I needed it most. And I have to thank you, my readers, for making my efforts all worthwhile.

Wait... that's... not a real Golden Globe award... is it? Aw, man!

Well, this looks familiar. In fact, this is the same Sirfa built platform we looked at in the Thortech Thunderbolt 1200W unit. And that one had no high ripple, despite being more powerful. Odd. Why can't we have that kind of performance too, High Power? Granted, that unit still had pretty dismal regulation, but still... at least the ripple suppression was good.

As usual, the AC transient filter starts here with an X cap and two Y caps.

Soldering is decent. Nothing special, nothing terrible.

AC transient filter continues with two more Y caps, a coil, two more X caps, and a MOV. That little heatsink in the bottom center cools the 5VSB chip. Bridge rectifiers are a pair of GBU2506's.

Primary capacitors are both Rubycon. PWM controller is a CM6800 variant.

The 12V secondary sink holds eight T480's. These rails are filtered with Nippon Chemi-Con electrolytics, while the VRM's get Chemi-Con polymers.

The modular cable board.

This daughterboard holds a PS224 protection chip and the fan controller.

One of the two VRMs. These use APW7073 controllers along with four IPD060N03L's.

The PFC sink. Three 6R125P's.

The primary heatsink holds another two 6R125P's for main switchers and the two PFC diodes.

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