Reviews - NZXT Hale90 850W
Sample Provided by: NZXT (By OklahomaWolf on Mon, Sep-06-2010)

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Aha - that's why it's a good performing unit. Superflower's best platform to date is responsible, the exact same platform we saw with the Kingwin Lazer Gold. Only this time, we're at a power level that keeps the ripple in much better control.

Fan also by NZXT. No, I didn't spend a lot of time tracking down the OEM of the fan. Actually, since we've recently seen this platform, I didn't bother de-soldering this unit either. The critical parts can all be identified without pulling stuff out.

Get'cher AC transient filter right here! One X cap, two Y caps, and a coil.

The soldering, as we saw last time, is very good but not quite excellent.

The back of the modular connector PCB has some filter caps on it. All capacitors are Nippon Chemi-Con.

The primary side, on the left side heatsink, houses four Infineon 6R125P's. Two for the main switchers, and two with a diode for PFC.

The secondary side, on the left in this shot, houses six FDP040N06N's on the black heatsink for the 12V. 3.3V and 5V are done on the VRM immediately to the left of the heatsink.

This little chip is the PFC controller, an NCP1653A.

Hiding in the shadows on this daughterboard is the PWM controller, an SF29601. Captain Mystery must have tossed the datasheet into the Bermuda Triangle, because I still can't find any info on it.

Here's a better look at the VRM, the 12V heatsink, and the capacitors sandwiched between them. A couple of these capacitors are polymers.

Finally, a look at the business side of the modular connector PCB.

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