Reviews - Seasonic X-650 650W
Sample Provided by: (By OklahomaWolf on Sun, Oct-11-2009)

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As the box promised, the PWM fan is this Sanyo Denki model.

Wow - that looks really different in there.

Transient filter starts with this here integrated line filter and AC receptacle.

The underside of the main PCB looks almost as odd as the topside. See those transistors up there near the top center of the picture encrusted with thermal compound? Those handle the 12V output of the unit and are IPD036N04L parts. Each one can take a whole lot of continuous drain current, and even more in pulsed mode. They are heatsinked by the PCB itself, and by the power supply case via some thermal pads.

Here's the integrated VRM and modular connector panel. Hey... what's it staring at? Those are Nippon Chemi-Con polymer capacitors there making up the nose and moustache.

The working parts of the VRM center around an APW7159 controller, and each of the 3.3V and 5V rails get two APM2510N's and two APM2556N's. Power to the VRM comes off the main 12V supply for the whole secondary.

Switching transistors are two W20NM50FD's. PFC is done with three 20N60C3's, a diode, and a controller I couldn't ID due to it being a surface mount part too hard to read the number off of.

All capacitors are Nippon Chemi-Con. Transient filter continues with two coils, two X capacitors, a MOV, and two Y's. Bridge rectifiers are GBJ1506 parts.

Supervisor chip here - a PS223.

Those two goalposts coming off the main PCB are actually heatsinks used to help dissipate the heat from the 12V output parts on the underside of the PCB. In the bottom right, you can see a CM6901X LLC resonant controller that forms the backbone of this platform. Hmm... that chip switches between FM and PWM modes during operation. I betcha that's what we saw in the scope shots for test one - the unit was operating in a different mode at that level. Cool!

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